Kindness Is A Healing Therapy

Sejal G Kindness Healing Therapy

An act of kindness is an act of self-love. When we’re kind, we’re doing ourselves a great service. We’re creating joy in our life. Joy is felt in our heart but it’s a sensation that begins in our mind.When we’re joyful, this sensation expands from our mind to our body and our aura. We feel alive, excited and full of positive energy. Our aura when clear and positive, attracts more positive energy our way.

So, joy+ joy= More joy in our life.

Joy heals us as joy is one of the healing potent of Love. When we’re happy in life, we’re confident, calmer and able to solve problems in life without feeling insecure, losing our self-esteem and hating ourselves. There is confidence when we’re happy and live a joyful life.

Each thought is an action in process to manifest. Positive thinking will bring positive outcomes and negative thinking will bring negative outcomes. It’s very important to be kind to our thoughts. When we are kind to our thought, that results in a kinder, gentle and loving approach to our situations and hence bring kindness towards ourselves.

Be kind, be kind to the world and compassion will emerge from you like a lotus. Lotus is a symbol of joy or a fully awakened soul. So be kind to your thoughts for thoughts are action in process to manifest like a lotus to the world.

How to be kind to our thoughts? For example; imagine a situation you’re dealing with. A person is angry with you. How do you react? With anger? This is easy. To practice kindness is difficult and mindfulness approach is needed but being kind has a greater reward from the Universe for you.

Here are some Kindness mindful activity which practiced daily creates kindness and self-healing:

  1. Wake up in the morning and be grateful for the gift of ‘your life’. Thank life and imagine how lucky you are to be alive and experience life to its fullest.
  2. Prayer is a connection to the spirit soul inside of you. You can pray to the Universe, God, Angels but in reality, when you pray, you connect to your soul. That is the reason why when we are in contemplation of prayer mood, we feel peaceful and happy.
  3. Simple exercises like stretching, yoga or morning walk boosts our energy level. So find time to do this activity.
  4. Eat healthy breakfast. Never skip a breakfast. Be sure to include fruits or juice in your diet. Of course lunch and dinner needs to be equally healthy.
  5. When you look at the mirror, see your soul shine. Remember you’re a beautiful creation of God. Be that beautiful creation. Think you’re beautiful, smart and perfectly perfect just the way you are! This feeling creates positive self-image which is necessary throughout the day.
  6. Compliment someone at work and thank whatever compliments comes your way. You deserve it!
  7. If people are unkind to you, try not to do the same. Do something nice to them as an answer instead. The situation will heal itself and there, the Universe will record your good karma.
  8. If it irritates you a lot, just walk out of the situation if you can, take a break, perhaps a small walk or mentally visualize the joyful soul you connected in the morning ‘you’ and the self-image you have created for yourself.
  9. Forgive the person or situation for your peace of mind and again, it’s not your problem that they are not nice to you. Be kind to them anyway.
  10. The Universe will remember your kind act and there is something good that they will give you back in time. Remember that, the world works under the Law of Karma. Action & its reaction.
  11. Try to be joyful at work. Create joy, be happy, forgive, be kind to yourself and others. Remember kindness is so important in the world and especially for you.
  12. At the end of the day, do something nice for yourself. Even if there is no time, create 20 minutes at least where you can either soak in hot salt water bath or perfumed bath (flower fragrances work so magically) and you deserve it! Or simply relax or read book if that’s what you like. Or, meditate, pray (you can connect to God or Universe or Angels) to help with whatever problems you’re having during the day. You can sing to yourself or to any Gods or angels or put relaxing music while you meditate & connect with yourself.
  13. Sleep with a happy thought and better with a smile.

Kindness is a healing therapy for ourselves. Practicing these kindness mindful activities every day connects us with ourselves ‘our souls’ making us peaceful and happy. Any act of kindness is in fact an act of self-love. Healing lies in ourselves.