Learn How to Stand Out Online Part 3

Learn How to Stand Out Online Part 3 by Lisa Meisels #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #OnlinePart3

Learn How to Stand Out Online Part 3 by Lisa Meisels #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #OnlinePart3

Learn How to Stand Out Online Part 3: 5 Tips to Get Visible and Gracefully Expand Out of Your Comfort Zone — Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 2!

You want to get visible. You’re ready to be seen.

But there is still that nagging fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of judgment, fear of not knowing what to say, and so on. You’re a conscious woman and you’ve seen it happen before. Your past beliefs and programming rear their ugly head and stop you in your tracks right when you feel you’re ready to go bigger. I’m going to share with you how to gracefully expand out of your comfort zone.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the ups and downs that come with the journey of creating an online business. Some days you’re on fire! You’re in the flow. Your creativity is hot, and your intuition is right on. Then there are the other days. Those days when you want to curl up in bed with the covers pulled high and hide from the world and yourself. And then there are what feels like the worst days of all… when you cry out of frustration, self-doubt, and fear, wondering if it’s time to quit.

Have you had those days? Can you tell I have?

I find that the high and low emotional spikes even out over time. At first, when you’re just starting your business or up leveling, they are extreme. You can go from feeling on top of the world one minute to crashing the next, questioning your skills and worth.

As you begin to recognize that when you expand and shift to the next level, there is usually a plateau before you continue to rise and expand again. These plateaus can feel like downers as if you’ve gone backward or haven’t made any progress at all. If you’re a high achiever who is repeatedly seeking success, this can be very frustrating.

It’s time to let go of past conditioning and subconscious limitations that are making you feel stuck, small and invisible in your online business. Keep these steps in mind as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.

5 Tips to get visible and gracefully expand out of your comfort zone:

  1. Get in front of YOUR people:

Your past has set you up to specifically work with a certain audience. When you understand the deep wound that creates those patterns of limiting beliefs that have been obstacles all your life, you are able to begin the healing process. Once you do, you can begin sharing your wisdom with your audience. This allows you to heal your wounds and at the same time, help others heal theirs by connecting at a very deep emotional level.

  1. Unify and collaborate with your community:

Working in collaboration with others not only helps you become united with your community but it also makes it a lot easier to get comfortable being visible. I started getting visible by interviewing other people. It’s the easiest way to get comfortable being seen on camera. It gets easier the more camera time have. Practice, practice, practice.

Being interviewed is a great way to share your message and gain visibility online. Look within your online community for visibility opportunities.

  1. Speak from your heart:

Many entrepreneurs have origins in a high-stress corporate, academic or professional arena. If this is you, it’s natural to feel you must memorize facts, data, or figures. This inherently feels awkward when you move into doing your purpose work. However, when you speak from your heart and share your wisdom, then feeling confident becomes much easier. Keeping this in mind, as opportunities arise for you to get visible online with summits, podcasts, shows, etc., you will be able to expand out of your comfort zone gracefully and easily.

  1. Visualize who you want to become:

You may already be aware of the power of visualization but if not, I will just say, it’s powerful. Especially when you add your emotions to the mix. When you feel into the visualization and see yourself expanding, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and imagining yourself in different scenarios where you are being visible, you will pull these opportunities to you.

  1. Write down your wins every night:

As a business owner, you’re very busy. You are multi-tasking and getting a lot done! But when you don’t take note of your progress, you’ll never acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished. That is why I suggest you have a special notebook that contains your notes of “wins” that you write nightly. Look back on your day. This is not a list of what you crossed off your “to-do” list but rather notes to yourself on how you expanded and what obstacles you’ve overcome. Taking note of your progress will help solidify the expansion that’s occurred both in your consciousness and physical being.

Keep these steps in mind as you continue your entrepreneurial journey. Being visible is often different than being seen.

The limiting beliefs arise when you are afraid to be seen. Once you can make trusted connections in your online community, you know you’re in front of the right audience, and you take note of the progress you’re making, you understand that it’s possible to move through your past conditioning and subconscious limitations that have previously made it difficult to get visible online.


I’ll be talking more about how to Stand Out Online in a Crowded Market in my upcoming webinar on The Wellness Universe’s, “The Lounge.” I’d love to have you join me where I’ll be taking a deeper dive into what it takes to get noticed online in this noisy web space.


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