A Lesson in Collective Worthiness

A Lesson in Collective Worthiness by Ashley Barnes #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CollectiveWorthiness

A Lesson in Collective Worthiness by Ashley Barnes #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CollectiveWorthiness

Awhile back, the New Age community spent a fair amount of time debating over Doreen Virtue’s revelation that she’s now a baptized Christian, having renounced much of her past teachings. This includes tarot and mediumship, in favor of a singular focus on Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Biblical teachings.

In some circles, her transition was polarizing, like many other issues in the world. The public consensus seemed to fall into two distinct and vocal camps:
  1. She’s a fraud and she should refund the money her students paid for her now-denounced courses, certifications, cards, and books. 
  2. She’s entitled to her own path and it’s no one’s business what she believes anyway. 

While many see only these two perspectives, I see a third option. I see her transition as symbolic of all that’s happening in the world around us. Doreen Virtue leaving the scene is a major wake up call to all of us about the often invisible labels that allow us to segregate each other and hinder our ability to see our own worth.

Everywhere we look, these labels are being stripped away, sometimes violently. People are waking up, tired of being oppressed, and refusing to play the victim anymore. They’re demanding their rights. They’re demanding to be recognized for who they are, not as some politically, societally, or religiously correct label.

People are demanding that we strip away labels so that all of us can be seen as HUMAN and therefore WORTHY.  Worthy of basic necessities and needs being met. Worthy to marry who we love.  Worthy to raise and enjoy our families without fear of retribution. Worthy to drive down the street without fear of being shot.

People didn’t discover this human right of collective worthiness from the outside world. 

No, the world, in general, tells us we’re anything but worthy. We need more makeup, more diets, more drugs, more money – all of which create a false sense of worthiness gained through outside objects and experiences.

But, people are waking up this too. And they’re finding that true worthiness is found INSIDE, in the core of who we are as spiritual beings experiencing a human life.

Whether she meant to be or not, Doreen Virtue was one of the biggest proponents for seeking an external source for both information and worthiness. To be fair, many spiritual belief systems purport an external focus. Doreen’s work didn’t exist in a vacuum. People want answers to their problems and the world pushes us to find an “expert,” a doctor, teacher, or minister to provide us with those answers. Her many cards, books, courses, and other tools and publications fit a much-needed niche.

Now, as we’re seeing, people are waking up to the fallacy of putting all their faith in a single teacher or system of guidance.

Doreen’s exit, while it hurts and angers many who feel understandably misled, also serves to create space for NEW leaders and NEW teachers who, instead of making their money selling us products that direct us to an external focus, inspire us to go within and find the answers that are already inside. Teachers who recognize our inherent worthiness and don’t sell us a single product to make us better, but rather help us to recognize our own worth. Leaders who give out free hugs in the middle of a protest. Leaders who inspire the good instead of capitalizing on the bad.

Doreen and others like her have filled an important role in the collective conscious. But now, it’s time for something more, and she has graciously given us the gift of space. Will we fill the void of her absence with more of the same?

Or will WE be the new teachers, the new leaders, who inspire and lift each other up in celebration of our collective worthiness?   

The choice is ours.  The choice is now.

People are alive,
Exploding from nothingness
Into awakening of senses,
Angry, restless, urging to step out
Make their presence known in this changing world

Where do we fit in?

How do we carry the light of justice and truth
Without getting burned in our own flame?

The sign of backlash is inevitable
In a world so full of passion,
So full of hunger for a new existence
Truth no longer gets us hanged or drowned,
Yet it still takes years sometimes to set us free

And so that freedom we seek
Must come from within,
Chains may hold our bodies
But nothing except lies and fear
May constrain the soul

– Ashley

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