Let Go: Surrender Fully to the Process

Let Go: Surrender Fully to the Process by Stephenie Zamora #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SurrenderFully
Part of what stops us from facing the deep, challenging work is we believe we need to know it’s going to be worth it in very specific ways.

That we’ll find a certain level of love, success, or happiness. That everything will land where we think it should. That life will turn out how it’s “supposed to” if we just do these things.

We’ll make this much money and get that person to love us. We’ll own nice material things and look a certain way. We’ll finally feel “happy” and “fulfilled.” We’ll get specific recognition. We’ll reach a certain level of success and earn that fancy title.

But, that’s an incredibly limited way of approaching life. This is because we can’t possibly know it will be worth it in those exact ways.

I never could have imagined how free, joyful, purposeful, and connected I’d feel standing on the other side of the most gut-wrenching work of my life. The work had to crack me open first so I could experience richer levels of each of those amazing, positive, desired emotions. Levels I never could have reached from where I was standing before. I had to let go of everything I was, everything I built, and everything I thought I was becoming. I had to let go of knowing anything at all.

You want to be healed, whole, happy, and successful? Then let go of what you believe those things mean and surrender fully to the process.

Let go of what you think that should look like, or how you think everything is “supposed to” turn out when all is said and done.

None of that matters on the other side of this work.

What matters is that we surrender fully to the process and that we keep facing into and moving through the mess of emotions.

We commit to the challenging work of uncovering who we’re meant to become in the aftermath of some of the hardest moments and changes this life and world will put us through. And yet, you still won’t find what you were looking for. You’ll find something much more real, true, and aligned.

Something more amazing than you could have possibly imagined.

When we let go of how we “think” it “should” turn out, we surrender ourselves, our life, and our work to the natural flow of life. Call it God, call it Universe, Divine, or Source. Call it energy. Call it what you want, but know that it’s that never-ending current that moves us through our lives. That speaks to us through intuition and inner knowing. That amplifies synchronicity and screams at us when we’re staying stuck in the wrong situations.

When we surrender fully to this flow, we allow ourselves to see new possibilities, a new way of being, and sometimes, a completely new path.

Oftentimes, we’re incapable of understanding what’s truly possible for us or what’s truly and deeply aligned with our heart, soul, and purpose in this life. This is until we’re willing to walk into the unknown and drop into those pockets that hurt like hell, to truly heal and become whole.

Ask for joy and purpose and alignment. For success and support and all the things you desire. Ask to heal and become whole and for deeply connected relationships.

But let go of what you think it means and what you think it should look like. Surrender fully to the process.

Stay open. Trust. Have faith.

That’s the work.

– Stephenie

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