Let’s Make A Difference

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Let’s make a difference this year and be mindful.

On 20th November, I attended Kate Spencer and Carrie Craig-Gilby’s Lightworkers Retreat in the beautiful countryside of Northumberland in the UK.

It was a wonderful weekend, I was busy giving Reiki treatments as well as Reiki Attunements on the Friday and Sunday morning. The rest of the weekend we did things like working on ‘letting go of what no longer serves you’, the Law of Attraction, living a conscious life in real life, mediumship, meditation, chakra dancing, energy re-patterning and many more exciting things.  It was a fabulous break and we made some huge breakthroughs on our spiritual paths.  I don’t think anyone left the Retreat the same person as they were when they arrived and we all bonded as a group and made what I think will be lifelong friendships.

When I returned after the weekend I decided I was going to do a daily meditation like we did at the Retreat with Carrie.  It involved us getting up early, listening to some lovely music, lighting a candle and setting our intention for the day.  I have found this to be a lovely thing to do each day since I returned home as it really does put you in the right mindset for the remainder of the day.

We are now on the run up to Christmas and the Holiday season and I must admit that I’m finding all the adverts on the tv,  drumming it into people that you ‘need’ certain items to have a good Christmas, it is so commercialised and I’m having a problem with it.  To me, Christmas isn’t about presents or buying expensive gifts!  I believe it is a time to spend with family and loved ones.  This also got me thinking about people who don’t have family or friends to spend Christmas with and what it must be like for them.  It is one day, yes I get that, but everything is so focused on ‘the day’ and there are so many people who have lost loved ones and it may even be their first Christmas without them.  I miss my Dad at Christmas. I lost him in 2011 and he was the life and soul of the party and I really miss him being present; but having said that I am grateful and blessed as I still have my family to spend the holidays with.  So I am really feeling sad for people who don’t have family or friends.  There are homeless people sleeping on the streets in freezing temperatures, with little or nothing to eat.  We can all do something to help people and I am going to make a conscious effort to do something positive and pay it forward this year.

Is there anything you could do to help others at this time of year?  Are there elderly people who live around you who could do with some company and a hot meal?  Is there a homeless shelter that you could donate to, an animal shelter that you could donate pet food to?  We can all do these things.

We do not have to make Christmas all about money and material items.

Instead of buying gifts from large stores you could support your local shops instead, you could even make your own gifts, I personally love gifts that have been handmade as there has been a lot of love that has gone into the making of them.

Let’s make a difference this year and be mindful of spending and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  RE-MEMBER what it is all about.

Love and blessings,


Original Source to Article, With many thanks to Trudy Brookes