Letting Go Of Your Grief and Fear of Dying to Really Start LIVING

I truly believe that death is only difficult for the living. To be one with All That Is, able to be with souls you care about, regardless of whether they are on Earth or in the stratospheres. WOW! Imagine the joy souls (people) in broken bodies must feel when they are released from those bodies. 

The soul lives on dear friends (that which has been made cannot be unmade). Yes, it sheds its clay vessel, the physical body; in the cycle of life, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” vessels return to the Earth. This remembering of the Universal Laws of life and death has been so freeing for me.

When you no longer fear death, what is there left to fear? Yes, it\’s difficult to lose the physical presence of someone you love. However, when you realize and welcome that soul to be with you any time and any place, you can understand how blessed we are for the loved ones who surround us.

Could these be the “guardian angels” who so often guide us to greatness over disaster? If you\’ve “lost” a loved one, I assure you, they are truly not LOST. They are always there, possibly even closer to you physically than they were in their physically embodied “life.” Faith in this knowing can be more easily attained by letting go of (or expanding your reality beyond) the so-called “rules” we\’ve been taught the foremost of these being “only believe what your eyes see.” It may seem like too simplistic an analogy but, you\’ve probably never seen $1,000,000 yet you know it exists. So is true with life in spirit form. You may not see it, but know it exists. 

As for grieving, let those tears flow! I like to equate tears with an Epsom Salt bath for the soul. I have a “knowing” that part of the reason we (as eternal beings of love and light) are here in human bodies is to feel our feelings. The bumps and blows, joys and sorrows, allow us to live. It\’s when we hide from or hold in these heavier feelings that we make ourselves sick. 

Many times, the fear of feeling our feelings is much worse than actually feeling those feelings. Moving beyond the pain has great rewards. We are then able to get to that glorious space in which we can remember, rejoice, and can be giddy about the good times we\’ve shared with those we love; we can feel that love anew, it never ends! Love (our true essence) never dies!

In death, there truly is no separation, from God/Source/The Universe. Love is!

Realize that “all is lost” is a misnomer, because without a physical container our “lost” loved ones can be ever closer to us, our angelic Mod Squad, pure light, and love that exists in, of, and through us. These love-based connections will never die. The vessel is temporary, but the True Essence that breathes you is eternal!

Open yourself to possibilities for feeling and knowing the presence of your loved ones who have “passed on.” Talk to them and ask them for guidance when you need it. Forgive them for “leaving you” because it may have been the only way for you to become who you are to be. One “catch 22” in this process is UNlearning what we\’ve been taught about death plus allowing ourSelves the space and time in which to hear the answers.

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