Navigate Life and Incorporate Love the Dharmic Way

Navigate Life and Incorporate Love the Dharmic Way by Christelle Chopard #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #IncorporateLove #Dharmic #Love

Navigate Life and Incorporate Love the Dharmic Way by Christelle Chopard #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #IncorporateLove #Dharmic #Love

There are many ways and forms to experience love.

This beautiful inspiring word is used and interpreted in so many different perspectives and circumstances. We may be aware that love is a feeling, love is a state of being. Yet it is strongly influenced by our relationships, our culture, and the environment.

We all relate to love in our own way. Love is a spark that keeps us moving, that inspires us along the journey. Love can be interpreted in many ways. Sometimes we project that love quite intensely onto a person. We attach so much to them that we may “fall” in love leading us to lose balance and sometimes to crash with an open heart. We may have a few scratches and wounds in our hearts, yet there is nothing like love itself to support healing and wellbeing.

Love offers profound healing properties for ourselves and for others.

Most of us remember our very first love story and notice how it has never ever been the same after that special one. The love for a husband, for a child and for more people around us gives us the opportunity to open our heart, to develop flexibility and to expand ourselves. The love we feel for a friend may be very different than the love we feel for our children or for our spouse. It may not be more or less love, but just “different”. Love can be experienced in so many tones, intensities, and sensations.

Incorporate Love the Dharmic Way:

What does love mean to you? I invite you to explore LOVE as an intention instead of a goal. A dharmic way to incorporate love as an intention invites you to take leadership along the journey guiding you through the Five Elements for integration.

If love is an intention, then we can create from and around it. It is a dharmic way to manifest the power of attraction. When we fully embrace love in an unconditional way, we experience agape, the highest form of love that doesn’t require any physical or material exchange.

Is the love that you’re looking for truly aligned with the love that you dream of, or is it more out of expectation or what you think it should be?

Through the Air Element, we observe if we have preconceptions, beliefs or doubts about integrating love into our lives. Some people may doubt the possibility of love in their lives, while others think that it is difficult and so they will fight for it. Some may believe that it is hard and complicated; while others think that it is a natural form of manifestation.

From a space of mindfulness, you can explore your beliefs and expectations about love.

Perhaps you notice that your mind has some resistance, or maybe you notice there is a conflict between the love you dream of and your preconceptions about it. With reflection and clarification, we can shift our perspective, and open our mind to the love we consider being aligned with our heart.

Can You Clarify Your Vision; Can You Believe in Love?

In the Fire Element, we consider feelings and expression. It reflects the level of our self-esteem and confidence. Some people link the sense of love with a warm sensation in their heart, while others may feel an intense overwhelming feeling. Our ego can quickly get in the way. That is when the love for ourselves can overtake the love shared with others. Sometimes a negative ego can lower our self-esteem so much so that the love towards others takes over and we may lose ourselves, our own center of power in the experience. A healthy ego provides and honors the space for everyone in the loving experience. It can trigger some vulnerability and a profound sense of connectedness.

In Which Intensity and Rhythm Do You Express Love?

In the Water Element, we observe the emotional connection, the way in which we nurture and experience loving relationships. In this element, we bond emotionally. We share and flow together. For some people love triggers fear, while for others it brings a sense of peace, and harmony. Some have been frustrated with it while others relate to it as a sense of fulfillment and contentment. We can dedicate attention to channel our emotions with love, releasing judgment and unveiling the flow of creative, and nurturing expression.

Do you feel love deeply in your heart, and your gut as a butterfly sensation, or is it a state of mind?

In the Earth Element, we create space for its manifestation. The aspect of love in this element can be physically involved. It manifests into intimate relationships when there is a beautiful chemistry between lovers. It is also in sharing space and resources. Love in this element is mainly the sensation that we have with family, with whom we have more commitments and engagement. Love is a feeling that can be experienced in many ways.

Love Is A Source of Inspiration and Creation.

I don’t believe that love is stagnant or can be experienced or expressed in limited ways. It has so much to reveal, so many potentials, forms, rhythms.

In the Element Ether, we rekindle the voice of the heart, the voice of the mind, the emotional voice and the voice of our need for balance. We then can experience Oneness Unity in Love.

Do we really embrace and cultivate the full potential of love through our lives and relationships? I invite you to join us on a journey, doing our best to become more loving day by day, in our actions, our thoughts, our relationships, and our lives.

– Christelle

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