The Angels Help: Life isn\’t always a bowl of cherries!

You know it all too well. You have planned a journey, but at the last minute you have to cancel because your child has fallen ill. You have prepared a birthday party, but half of the guests do not turn up. Together with a colleague you have arranged to offer a new online training session for a mutual customer. But when the time comes, he does not report back. Disappointment is great! Anger is strong. And your trust in humans goes down the drain.

What will you do? Are you discouraged? Are you plunging into self-doubt? Are you withdrawing? Are you eating more due to frustration?

Human plans arise from our thoughts and feelings, and we strongly believe that we can implement them. However, there is a higher instance, the spiritual level. This is the home of our soul, and this is the place where the plan for our life exists, which we have laid out for ourselves on the spiritual level. However, our ego only has limited access to it. Especially when we have forgotten to listen to our feelings and trust our intuition.

What about a change in perspective? What about looking at our life from a bird’s eye view or an angel’s perspective instead of the frog’s perspective? And to let go of our ideas, fixations, and fixed plans. How often does something much more beautiful happen than we imagined in our wildest dreams!

I would like to share with you the following message, which I received from the spiritual world.

“Greetings dear ones, we are the Angel group Akabesh. Humans frequently have very concrete and strong notions about what is to be and what is not. This may concern your private daily routine, your dealings with other people, your job, or your finances. You plan many things ahead, mostly very meticulously and precisely, and then you are surprised if things do not turn out the way you expected. You are disappointed or get angry if things do not unfold the way you planned them, because people react differently than you had expected or because you simply did not win the lottery.

Your ideas of how life is supposed to pass or how your relationship is supposed to develop, of course, are very limited. This means that you take a very narrow view of your life, instead of changing to a bird’s eye view. You clamor and fulminate with all your might, you are frustrated and ask yourselves why life does not go well or why God, or the angels have forgotten you.

Life is not always a bowl of cherries, even if some people try to trick you into believing differently. But life and your life plan, you as spiritual beings in a human body, are much more complex than your intellect could ever grasp. And not everything you wish for is actually good for you.

Not every path of which you are certain is the right one turns out to be ideal. Why? Because you consult your human intellect as if it were the measure of all things. You think that your logic and your intellect are capable of showing you what actually is right and good for you. That is way off the mark!

If your plans and intentions are not suitable for your personal and spiritual development, then they will simply be upset by us, your spiritual companions, of course always on the condition that your higher self approves of it.

Then you have to strike a new path, depart from the one you have taken or even return to square one. Next time you are in such a situation think to yourselves, ‘This is it! Now I have found the right path, made the right choice,’ look inside yourselves and ask yourselves again what we would think about it.

Sometimes we show you very clearly that you are mistaken in your perception.

But from time to time we remain silent, because we are not allowed to hint that you are making a detour.

In that case this detour constitutes a learning process for you which we must not take away from you under any circumstances. Therefore, do not be sad, angry, or cross if your plans sometimes cannot be implemented according to your desires. It is better for you to trust us implicitly and to rest assured that there is an underlying divine plan which has other intentions for you than you. One day you will look back and realize why your life has come to pass in the way it has. And then, all will be well!’

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