Life Is Meant to be Savored: You Are Worthy

Life Is Meant to be Savored: You Are Worthy by Kristi Borst #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Savored

I recently had a birthday; my friends and family flooded my Facebook page with birthday wishes. As the day progressed, I literally felt as if I were in the middle of a birthday bash. I wanted to give something back, to share the love I was feeling. I found a photo online of some beautiful cupcakes and placed this as the cover photo on my “wall.” I invited everyone to take a cupcake.

It amazed me that more than one person said they thought the cupcakes were too pretty to eat. These were not even REAL cupcakes, they were digital representations of cupcakes. I had offered them as a visual smörgåsbord, inviting my friends to enjoy their colors and designs, but also thinking people might venture to explore what their taste and texture may be. I, honestly, never expected people to feel unworthy of this gift because that is what I see at the core of this “that\’s too good for me” reaction. I see this sometimes in the intuitive healing work I do where an individual doesn\’t think they deserve to be well or happy. When we are children we are more closely connected to our divine natures. We have not yet pulled the hood over our awareness of being divine as we so often do in adulthood. What do we do for our children when they are young and having a birthday? We create or buy for them the most wonderfully decorated cakes.

Rarely would you hear a child say “oh, no, that\’s too pretty to cut.” They appreciate the gift, relish in the celebration, and eat their cake perhaps even getting frosting smeared from head to toe. Or, they may take one bite and find the red icing icky. They do not feel obligated to eat it; they\’ll say, “this is icky and I don\’t want any more.” This, my friends, is truly living life, experiencing living in the present moment! So, I would argue that if you took one of those cupcakes and ate it in one big bite (swallowing without chewing, tasting, or sensing texture) then you\’re right, that cupcake was too pretty to eat. However, if you appreciated its beauty before taking a bite, gingerly fingered the frosting to gauge its texture, brought it to your nose and smelled it, and savored each and every bite, then your experience with that cupcake went beyond its visual beauty. You perhaps found that the taste was even more sublime than its physical appearance.

No one in this life is greater than you. No one is lesser. We are each a part of and the sum of the All That Is. We each have a note to play in the symphony of life. My note may be bright and clear and your note may be soft and low. Both are integral to the whole. One person who passes away at the age of 49 may have lived a life more complete than another who passes at age 99. The quality of our lives is measured in the LIVING and not in the REGRETTING, WONDERING, FEARING.

Know that you are truly divine and, as such, deserve every treasure you ALLOW YOURSELF to experience. We are here to experience life. Fully! The cupcakes we love and the ones we find icky. Experience. That is what this physical reality is all about!

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