Lion’s Gate 8.8.2018

Lion's Gate 8.8.2018 by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #lionsGate

Lion's Gate 8.8.2018 by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #lionsGate

Whoa! Have you been feeling all this energy?

Retrograde planets, eclipses, and solar flares are all energetically impacting us in some way, some of us more potently than others depending on your healing journey, enlightenment and evolution. However, even the most enlightened and evolved, are feeling major awakenings, releases, and shifts in consciousness.

Adding in the Lion’s Gate is bringing us even more energy to assist us from The Divine.

This gateway is actually a time period, with the apex being August 8th, each year. It started at the end of July when our sun and earth align with Sirius and then closes a few weeks later.  Sirius is a much larger and brighter sun than our Sun, and is known as the Spiritual Sun. Thus, the gateway brings us very high frequencies of energy.  These incredibly elevated vibrations infuse us with a potent spiritual boost to help us transform and manifest our dreams into reality more quickly. This Lion’s Gate brings us new awareness, awakenings, beginnings, and opportunities.

Our Sun is in Leo, and Leo is the Lion of the zodiac, which is why we call it The Lion’s Gate.

This is the Universe aligning what’s best for us at this time. Leo is about strength, courage, leadership, authenticity and being the center of attention, just as the sun is the Center of our Universe and Sirius is the Center of that Universe. We have more and brighter energy to SHINE our authentic self through our strengths to become a leader in our unique way in our chosen soul path.

This year is an 11 year and August is a 19 universal month. In an 11 year, 1 represents new beginnings and 9 represents endings. 

11 is a master number, and essentially the portal, or gateway to the Divine, helping you manifest your spiritual dreams, your intuitive insights and your soul path into your consciousness and into your Earthly life! 19 is both beginnings (number 1) and endings (number 9). Again, this theme presents itself: What needs to end, be released and let go to allow space for the new? Our Universe and the Sirian Universe is supporting us in very powerful ways right now to do exactly what we need to do to move forward in our lives in positive and healthy ways to create abundance in all areas of our lives.

Then we have the power of 8 doubled.

8 is the number of infinite possibilities, balance, harmony, and the flow of abundance. It is time to truly believe in the abundance of the Divine and let it flow within you and through you. We are also in a Saturn Return, and Saturn is the great balancer.  He is Karma. Saturn brings lessons or blessings depending on what you have done to heal up to now. Saturn is Retrograde until September 6, which brings added intensity to Saturn’s ways. It’s like Karma doubled.

We also have Mercury Retrograde and Mars Retrograde right now, which tells us to go within.

Because of the intense energies to help us, it is time to go deeply within to discover within us what is holding us back, so we can release it. Mercury is communication and thinking, while Mars is passion. Therefore, what in these areas can you release and heal? What habits are holding you back? And, with Leo and the Sun, what is inhibiting your strengths? What fears do you need to release to unleash your courage? Where are you feeling frustrated or irritated and why? Are you procrastinating about something that is continually calling to you and why? Do you have relationships in your life, which are not supporting you and your dreams? We are being provided a huge opportunity with the spiritual energies to tap into our inner wisdom, take action and manifest our dreams, wishes, and hopes into reality by releasing the old to allow the new to fully live into our authentic selves.

During the second half of this gateway, we have a partial solar eclipse in Leo.

This is some more spiritual energetic support to allow which has been hidden, to be revealed and released! Eclipses can create sudden revelations, shake-ups, and massive uprooting. It is important to slow down, meditate, and find calming places, such as nature, to bring peace to you while these transformations are occurring within you and around you.

The increased and highly vibrating energies can cause physical and emotional symptoms such as aches or pains, sadness, anxiety, forgetfulness, emotional imbalance, time changes (feeling slower or faster), amplified intuition, extra sensitivity, ungrounded and more.  Dreams may intensify, also helping you uncover what needs to happen, heal or release during this time. You may see people from the past pop up to remind you of a lesson or issues you need to more fully heal and release. You may feel more tired or more energetic.

We are being gifted an incredible time to heal, release, transform, and further awaken to our authentic self and soul purpose, to manifest our biggest dreams.

Remember, we have infinite possibilities to create our dream life, therefore, it is important to consider all possibilities as they appear to determine with your heart and soul which is best for you, whether it is your career, relationships, living arrangements, or family life.

Take advantage of these wondrous, powerful and highly vibrating energies to help manifest your dream life!


– Heather

Author’s Note: I’m not an astrologer or numerologist. I am a knowledge seeker, energy worker, and intuitive/psychic. I love to learn, research, and use the astrological and numerology energies in my life, and know it works! I use my personal natal chart and solar returns each year, in conjunction with my connection to my soul and Divine Core, my guides and guardians, and my own energy work. If you would like more information or would like a free 15-minute consultation to see if we can work together to help you on your soul journey, please contact me.

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