Living and Working with Crystals: Creativity Crystals

Living and Working with Crystals: Creativity Crystals by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CreativityCrystals

Living and Working with Crystals: Creativity Crystals by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CreativityCrystals

In the conclusion of this 4-part blog series by WU World Changer Robyn Fritz, she shares about living and working with creativity crystals. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 3!

Creativity Crystals: Living and Working with Crystals

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the basics of living and working with crystals. In Part 2, I introduced crystals that I work with for grounding and protection. In Part 3, I explored some of my favorites for clearing and healing. In this final installment, we will be looking at crystals for creativity.

Breaking crystals down into these three categories is really arbitrary. Crystals can do so many things, and their functions overlap between crystals or even within the individual crystal itself, so you should explore a crystal you’re interested in and see what works for you. You may find it doesn’t work at all like your research indicated. That’s fine if you like it and it likes you. If it disappoints you or makes you uncomfortable, help it out by finding it a new home. You’ll both be grateful.

Crystals for Creativity and More:

Creedite is a luscious orange crystal that is sharp and prickly to hold. It’s also a great crystal for women. Make what you will of that. I don’t even see this much anymore, but if you can find it, you’ll probably fall in love with it (assuming you’re female, I don’t know). Creedite facilitates astral travel and the retrieval of past life memories. It helps boost out-of-the-box thinking and understanding of multidimensional experiences. That’s creativity given full expression. Plus, it’s a friendly stone, very special—I’ve seen people at crystal shows pick up a piece of creedite and suddenly their eyes go wide in shock. Yep, powerful.


I love everything about this crystal, from its shiny green goodness to its love of boosting your imagination, insights, talents, open-mindedness … yep, your creativity. I keep it nearby when I’m writing and when I’m working with clients who have creative blocks in their art and business. I’ve discovered that even people who are skeptical about using crystals will want to hold it as we talk.


Larimar is another crystal that is hard to find these days and quite expensive when you do—unless you happen on an old piece and the shop owner, who finds it hidden away in a drawer when you insisted it was hiding, and appreciating you as a good client, decides to sell it to you at the price it was listed at years earlier. Yes, that kind of luck happens when a crystal is determined to find you. Like all these creatives, larimar is about love and harmony, peace, consciousness-raising, and multidimensional awareness. Plus, other things.


The one on the left is a small aquamarine, the other is my aquamarine pendant, which leaped into my hand, so to speak, when I was helping put out jewelry at a crystal show. I wear it for every client appointment and whenever I am out and about meeting people. Aquamarine is a stone of clear communication, which is good for speaking and creativity. It’s good for us sensitive types who have trouble speaking up for ourselves. It also sharpens the mind and enhances clarity. It’s also good if, like me, you love the ocean and can’t stand to be away from it. I dream of a big chunk of aquamarine to sit next to Fallon. Some day.

Amethyst Flower

Also called lavender amethyst flower, I include this piece because it’s simply breathtaking. To me that’s where working and living with crystals starts: their beauty speaks to you. I grabbed this piece the second I saw it. I believe it combines amethyst, calcite, and chlorite, but time has passed and I’m not a crystal dealer. When you gaze at this crystal you see a mountain valley surrounded by high crystal peaks. My idea of what heaven on earth could be (with the ocean, or aquamarine) next to it. This piece sleeps next to me on an antique Chinese table, and I seldom share it with others.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this four-part series on crystals. These are the crystals I live and work with, shared in the hope that you will explore the fascinating, inspiring, healing world of crystals for yourself.

I will share more, plus answer questions, in my upcoming webinar in “The Lounge” on Learn It Live. If you’d like to experience a crystal healing session, spiritual journey, past life regression, or intuitive session with me, I invite you to please contact me through my website or at Wellness Universe. I would love to work with you.

© 2017 Robyn M Fritz

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