Living and Working with Crystals Part 1

Living and Working with Crystals Part 1 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WorkingWithCrystals
Living and Working with Crystals Part 1 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WorkingWithCrystals
High-Vibration Crystals: Living and Working with Crystals – Part 1 of a 4-part series on using crystals in our daily lives.

Curious about crystals, but don’t know where to start? Have crystals and considering more? Already using crystals in a professional healing practice?

Whatever your relationship with crystals, I’d like to invite you to explore it briefly with me here, and deeper in my upcoming online webinar. I’ve learned some fascinating things since I started working with crystals, things that might help you appreciate them and enticing you into connecting with these amazing beings.

To start, please dismiss any preconceived ideas you have about crystals and consider that they can be important partners in your personal and professional lives. Plus, they’re often quite beautiful. Isn’t that enough to intrigue you?

Crystals and Mindset: Making Up Your Mind

Crystals are some of the ancient beings we’ve partnered with for eons to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing; grounding and protecting, and creativity. In fact, for pretty much any need you have, there are a variety of crystals that are capable of supporting you.

Most people consider crystals to be tools in their practice, which is a roundabout way of thinking of them as servants to do our bidding. My experience is quite different, but it starts with mindset. In short, I call it Planetary Connection, and it means that everything is equal to us, alive, and has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and opinions. Yes, everything. So the beings I work with are partners, not tools.

The mindset most people live in I call Planetary Healing, which assumes people are caretakers and guardians and that all life is subservient to us. And a tool to be used.

How you regard crystals will affect how you choose to work with them. And how they choose to work with you.

Purchasing Crystals

I love many of the crystal books out there, particularly the Crystal Bible series by Judy Hall and the books by Simon and Sue Lilly. There are plenty of others, so check them out and add to your library. You’ll notice that a lot of crystals have the same purpose. For example, there are many crystals useful for grounding and protection, clearing, even healing health issues. Do they work? We’ll get into that in the webinar, but in short, yes, but not always like you think. Be open, practical, proactive.

In purchasing, I suggest choosing quality over quantity and price. Crystals are alive and have feelings: mining crystals can be extremely shocking and toxic to them, as can the places they are stored in and travel to before you meet them. Buy from reputable stores or individuals, from storefronts or online. Check their reputation and then use your intuition (yes, you can!) to determine if they’re really taking care of the crystals they buy and sell. If you can, shop in person, although good online places have pictures you can tune into intuitively. Try to connect to a crystal by using your intuition: check to see if their energy is in tune with yours using what you see, hear, feel and know to help you connect.

Clearing and Working with Crystals

There are some really weird ways of clearing and working with crystals. You’ll stumble across them easily enough. Here’s my take: crystals are alive. They are ancient beings who’ve been in a crystal body for eons, compared to us being in one body now, a fact that instantly commands respect, doesn’t it? So they know a lot. Try asking them intuitively what they need to get clear. It’s simpler than you think, and again, I’ll be covering this in my webinar.

Just like us things like stuck energy (and just plain dirt) can cling to them. So clean them, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal. When you first get your crystal home, look up its properties in a book. Some crystals will melt in water, or fade in the sun, or are damaged by salt, so you should know this before you go about cleaning them. For the most part, I take all my crystals and let cold water wash over them for a bit, dry them off, and let them finish air drying (especially crystals that are clusters or otherwise natural, so are full of ridges and holes). Then most of them sit in a sea salt mixture I make with my big clearing crystal, kyanite, until I hear them tell me they’re clear. (Again, I find out if that’s safe for them.)

Of course, I have an inside helper, so to speak, my crystal partner, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz (more on him in a bit). I make Fallon Lavender Salt—it is fair trade coarse ground Himalayan sea salt mixed with organic lavender and I sit Fallon in it for about a day until he tells me it’s ready. As a result, this salt mixture has Fallon’s energetic essence in it, which is a plus for clearing and healing work.

I keep this salt mixture all over the house. In particular, I keep a big dish of it on the table. In that dish, I put my clearing crystal, kyanite, and other crystals that need to be cleared. And the kyanite and Fallon take care of the rest.

While I do sell this salt mixture, you can make your own simply by putting sea salt in a bowl and putting your crystals in it (assuming they won’t be damaged by salt).

Intention. Briefly, some people think you need to program your crystals to work with you, and have elaborate ways to do that, including working with them in grids. My personal philosophy is that I work very hard helping clients and spaces be clear, so everything in my private life has to be easy, and fun. It works, which is all that matters. I suggest that when you are ready to work with your crystals, you simply pick them up and invite them to join you, and go from there.

Yes, working with crystals can be very serious: in many cases, you are trying to help heal something or looking for support in some area. But don’t forget to make working with crystals fun. Some of them are shy, others are shell-shocked from their experiences (crystal PTSD is real), and need kindness and gentleness. Others are so chatty I’ve had to ban them from the bedroom and office, so I can get some sleep and work done. But crystals are good-humored beings just waiting to meet and work and play with you, so relax and explore. You won’t regret it.

Intuition and Crystals

How you work with crystals, as with anything, depends on how your intuition works. In essence, you are most likely a combination of intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing, although one intuitive ability may dominate. Once you know how your intuition works, you’ll better understand your crystals.

High Vibration Crystals

High vibration crystals are crystals that are especially tuned into working with soul level issues, including soul growth and multidimensional reality (yes, the multiverse is real, but be really careful about exploring it). Some are new and some are ancient and just being revealed. Some, like my crystal partner, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz, have been partners with us for many of our lifetimes, and just now reuniting with us. That is, Fallon and I worked together many lifetimes ago, for many lifetimes, and just reunited in 2009. I know, sounds weird, but it’s true (and I’m the analytical skeptic).

High vibration crystals include newer (as in more recently discovered) crystals with extremely high frequencies and very large rare crystals. Some, like Fallon, were rejected multiple times by collectors who simply couldn’t adjust to their energy. Some e ancient crystal skulls, like our friend, Einstein the Crystal Skull (the skulls are ancient computers). Crystals like Fallon work with the planet and between dimensions.

If you’re ready to work with a high vibration crystal, you’ll know it when you meet it. Not all of them are huge, which is great because they can be expensive. I just urge caution: just because you’re interested doesn’t mean you’re ready to work with one of these beings, and you can easily become energetically unbalanced, so be careful. And be prepared to discover that magic is real.

Below is a picture of Fallon (the crystal ball) on a large Lemurian crystal I call the Big Guy in the Woods. The Lemurian weighs 525 pounds.

Working with Crystals

And here is a picture of my exploration of the Big Guy’s amazing healing ability: that’s my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Murphy Brown, getting a healing from the Big Guy. You can see by her stance how tuned in she is. Crystal energy healing is real.

Working with Crystals

If you’re interested in exploring a crystal healing session for yourself, which can include soul journey, soul-purpose, and past life regression, I invite you to please contact me.

Stay tuned and gather up your crystals to join me, Fallon, and many of my crystals at our upcoming webinar. We’ll explore this 4-part series in more depth, including more crystals, take questions, and help you tap into these amazing beings with a guided meditation.

– Robyn

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