Living and Working with Crystals Part 2

Living and Working with Crystals Part 2 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CrystalsPart2
Living and Working with Crystals Part 2 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CrystalsPart2

We hope you enjoy Grounding and Protection Crystals: Living and Working with Crystals Part 2 by WU World Changer Robyn Fritz! Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

In Part 1 I talked about the basics of living and working with crystals, including the mindset of connecting with crystals as partners instead of tools. This puts you on an equal relationship with them, allowing you and the crystal to collaborate for healing, grounding and protection, creativity, and just plain fun.

In Part 2 I’m introducing some of the crystals I work with for grounding and protection. The good news? There are many crystals that perform similar functions, so in choosing your partners, take the time to seek out good sources and explore. We’ll explore more of them in my upcoming webinar at Learn It Live.

Grounding and Protection Crystals

I work with weather and land systems, which means I interact with huge energies and it’s hard to stay balanced and grounded. I learned to get some training, which I now offer to others (hard experience), and to make grounding, balance, and protection an everyday activity. Looking around for backup support I gravitated toward crystals that all turned out to have similar properties, that is, grounding and protection.

As your interest in crystals deepens, you’ll gravitate towards those you most need. It’s called survival and growth. We’ll talk about how to use them in my webinar, but I always suggest experimenting. Put on the body part that needs healing or just look at or hold them. You’ll know.


Columbite is an ore, and quite heavy for its size. This one looks like a carving of an opening rose. I think it’s the most powerful grounding and protection stone out there (even over obsidian or jet). I carry it around in a pouch if I’m expecting a difficult day, and I use it in all my client sessions. It rapidly clears chakras (zip and it’s done) and clears out clients from their cares and daily activities to work with me. As it thuds you right back into your body you’ll understand what “grounded” means. Plus the bad ju-ju types out there etherically? Can’t get through to you. Enough said. Essential.

Preseli Bluestone

Preseli bluestones are mined out (originally from the Preseli Hills in Wales), so they are hard to find. This is the stone that Stonehenge is made from. These are extremely powerful stones and not for the faint of heart. Their work with you changes simply by the position you hold them in. Grounding, balancing, clearing, and protection—all there. It’s also a favorite stone of the dragon kingdom (yes, dragons are real, they’re good guys, and they look like … dragons). I have many of these stones, and also a stone set in a dragon pendant by a Welsh jeweler (it’s a cool story, I’ll share it on the webinar). It is one of three pieces I always wear during client sessions. Nothing gets through it.

White Quartz with Tourmaline Wands

White quartz is a grounding and clearing stone enhanced by the naturally occurring black tourmaline wands. Many people use black tourmaline around the entry points of their homes for protection and grounding. I prefer this piece, which is beautiful and works hard but effortlessly. Black tourmaline by itself isn’t my go-to crystal: that would be columbite, or types of obsidian or nuummite.

Shiva Lingham

Traditionally used in India to resolve fertility issues, these stones are also solid partners in grounding, especially if you choose to work with the land. Avid gardener or work with your hands? Try this crystal. This crystal literally “called” to me from inside a store, and changed temperature, from hot to cold, for several days after it came home with me (another story I’ll share in the webinar). Yes, crystals are alive and have their own ideas about life. Humor them. You’ll learn and grow. A lot.


Points if you can pronounce this one (why are the names of so many crystals so ridiculously hard to pronounce and spell? This crystal can help you take charge of your life through deep insight and direction as it helps ground and balance you. It can also help you deepen your intuition, speak your truth, and discover your most beautiful, deepest, awesome self. This particular piece doesn’t seem to mind that I can’t pronounce its name. It is quite opinionated but quiet at night, so it sleeps next to me, promoting safe astral journeys and a sense of humor. It is my personal crystal and not used with clients.

Hematite with Rutile

This is a hematite cluster with rutile that looks a lot like wulfenite. It is great for grounding and protection, and boosts self-confidence, willpower, and self-limiting issues (like timidity). It’s good for problem-solving and accepting that you make mistakes and can recover from them. Rutile has the ability to cleanse and enhance past life abilities.


Another cool story I’ll share. This turquoise necklace called to me from Gardiner, Montana several weeks before a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Yes, crystals can be demanding! This necklace is one of three I wear during all client sessions. Turquoise offers grounding, healing, enhanced intuition, and physical strength and alertness. Be careful on sourcing.

There are so many more crystals out there. Explore. Have fun. If you’d like to incorporate a crystal healing session into a spiritual journey, soul awakening, or past life regression session, please contact me as I’d love to work with you!

And join me and my crystals at our upcoming webinar on The Wellness Universe Lounge!

– Robyn

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