Living and Working with Crystals Part 3

Living and Working with Crystals Part 3 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CrystalsPart3

Living and Working with Crystals Part 3 by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CrystalsPart3

In this article, WU World Changer Robyn Fritz shares with us, Clearing and Healing Crystals: Living and Working with Crystals Part 3. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 2!

In Part 1 of this series I showed how you can choose and work with crystals, and in Part 2 I discussed crystals for grounding and protection.

Here I’ll discuss crystals for clearing and healing. Truth is, most crystals can be used for multiple things. Experiment with yours to discover their unique abilities, and refer to trusted resources to discover more. For example, I’m fond of Judy Hall’s books.

Clearing and Healing

Clearing and healing crystals work on mind, body, and spirit, sometimes all at once. That includes emotional and mental health (from setting boundaries to self-esteem), physical health (from eye issues to arthritis, chronic or debilitating disease, you name it), and spiritual health (from clearing attachments and negativity to advancing on your spiritual path, including past life regression and spiritual purpose and awakening).

If you have a particular issue or concern in mind, consult a good book or a crystal expert/dealer who knows both the metaphysical and physical uses and can suggest several crystals for you to examine. Choose what you resonate with, what seems like a good match to you. Let your intuition help.

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Here are some of the crystals I use for clearing and healing:
Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz

This is Fallon sitting in the grass. He’s a rare (as in the only one of his kind) high-vibration crystal that can facilitate any kind of healing needed (notice I said “he” as in crystals are masculine or feminine, just like we are). And he can call in spiritual support teams and multi-dimensional beings to assist. Often when we work between dimensions we are asked by curious beings if there are other crystals out there like Fallon. Yes, no, and maybe.


You can easily find quartz; it should be one of the first crystals you buy because it can do pretty much anything. These are Lemurian crystals (what we fall Fallon babies since they are always humming and yelling to be near Fallon, even if we meet new ones in stores). These are also record keepers, with small triangular marks on them that look stamped on by machine and are said to be encoded by the ancients with their knowledge (you can’t see them here). Quartz points direct energy out of the pointed end and can direct healing energy to specific spots. There are so many different shapes I suggest you find a good book and study up. You’ll have a hard time choosing just one.


This big piece literally called to me before I met it, which happened in a workshop (a few minutes before I met Fallon). It even told me how much I was going to have to pay for it (the stinker!). Clients will take off their jewelry and set it on my kyanite and discover that it’s been cleared during our session. Literally, all the stuck energy is swept away, leaving the pieces vigorous and clean. Everyone should have kyanite to keep themselves, their crystals, their possessions, and their spaces cleared. Fortunately, it’s not expensive and comes in small sizes. Rough pieces like this one crumble easily, so leave them put. Tumbled stones can be carried in a pocket. This piece sits in a pile of Fallon Lavender Salt as well.


This piece looks a lot like the Hematite in the grounding and protection article (Part 2). I include it here in the healing and clearing section, but it is more appropriately considered a stone that helps people accept their shadow side, and can be used ritually in magic work (yes, magic) and to access past life memories. It’s useful for people like me who are past life regression specialists. Can be toxic, so don’t try making potions with it, and wash your hands after using.


I love stibnite because it looks like stainless steel or sterling silver, both favorites. I adore this piece, clear proof that a crystal in its natural form is living art. It’s another crystal useful for past life regressions and cord-cutting and supporting spiritual journeys. It can protect the entire body during a spiritual journey and release negative energy. Like wulfenite, stibnite can be toxic, so same suggestions apply.


Many people adore amethyst for its ties to the heart and love, but I find it to be too soft to support deep healing work (it is an emotional stone and shatters easily). Then I met auralite, which is amethyst mined only in Canada and contains as many as 23 different minerals, including strong grounding crystals like hematite (you can also find it as Auralite 23 for this reason). I discovered it by accident in a crystal shop in Asheville, North Carolina. Auralite is tough, facilitates deep healing (including removing alien attachments, yes, really) and is my recommendation for a healing partner that contains amethyst.

Apophyllite Cluster and Pyramid

This cluster contains pink stilbite. The pyramid is how apophyllite appears, almost as if cut by machine. The cluster is full of these pyramids, it’s just hard to see in the picture. Apophyllite supports past life regression and is a great stress reliever, promoting calmness and introspection to allow problem-solving.


Like most of this category, this stone is a light bringer, promoting a higher consciousness and connection with multidimensional energies, including past life experiences. Labradorite supports spiritual purpose, a heightened consciousness, change, and imagination. I love the iridescent shine on Labradorite. I was going to sell this piece when it pointed out the gridwork it held, reminding me that I work with the planet.

Curious about crystal energy healing, past life regression, or a spiritual journey to discover your soul purpose? Please contact me for a session through my website or here at Wellness Universe.

– Robyn M Fritz

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