Living with an Embarrassing Secret

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I am a former prostitute.

Yep, there I said it. When you read that statement, what comes up for you? Does it create judgment for my journey? Or do you instead find yourself saying, “Wow, she is brave for saying that? I wish I had the courage to share my secret.”

Thing is, dearly beloved soul, we all have secrets. Perceived burdens we carry around within us that keep us from stepping into what we and our lives could and would be.

Why do we keep parts of ourselves hidden from the rest of the world?

Shame, guilt, embarrassment and all things drenched in “not-enoughness” and unworthiness. Fear of being judged, condemned and shunned by those we do and do not know.

These are just a few of the reasons why we cower, hide, and dim our light within.

I know this space all too well, my sweet friend. It used to be my favorite hangout spot. A victim mindset intent on keeping me from living all the life I have come to live. Believing what I’d been taught and told of being a mistake, unworthy, unwanted, and unlovable.

I have come to know for certain firsthand that owning and speaking our truth is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and the world.

To go within, do the work, and break down the walls to break through the shame, guilt, and embarrassment into personal power. As we give ourselves permission to step into that which we truly are, to break free from all perceived judgments and confining labels we and the rest of the world have placed upon us, we empower others to do the same.

That’s just it though, they are only labels. And labels are nothing more than words offered to give meaning to that which we are experiencing along our journey in this world. While they allow the ego to categorize whether something is perceivably “safe” or “unsafe,” they also keep us from stepping into our power.

I have chosen to call my “embarrassing secret” an empowering truth. Because that is what it is. The lessons, growth, and first-hand experiential wisdom I have obtained from my self-love empowerment journey cannot be bought, taught, or paid for. It is part of that which has been preparing me for my calling.

What can you see in your secret that has made you stronger because of what you have endured?

How can you turn what you perceive to be embarrassing into empowering?

I am sure you have heard that the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. It is so true. Fear is only an illusion. My favorite acronym created from it states: False Evidence Appearing Real.

And I am very familiar with fear.

For years I lived in such a massive space of fear as a result of the excruciatingly traumatic experiences and long-term self-loathing. As a result, however, I have come to know for certain, it is truly a choice to either give away or take back your power.

Shortly before the divinely guided path to forming my coaching business, the inspired revelation came to me: it is not a choice to become a victim, it is a choice to stay one.

Most particularly, to stay a victim to the incessant manipulations of our very own minds as we continue to allow ourselves to play out experiences of the past which no longer exist. Yet, because it is what we continue to choose to focus on, it is what we continue to experience as our current reality.

Holding onto an experience that we have come to know as perceivably unacceptable by society at any given moment in our lives, we often label it a secret; an embarrassing and excruciatingly disempowering one.

As if the experience wasn’t enough torture, we are left to be continually victimized by the broken record incessantly playing in the background of our minds, perpetually focusing on the past where we have no power, where it instead has power over us.

Thus, an important question we must ask ourselves is where is my power in this moment?

And when looking at the story of the past, ask How can I turn this into an empowerment experience?

Wayne Dyer said, “When we change how we look at things, the things we look at change.”

By rewriting the story, we are focusing on from a perspective of defeat and embarrassment to one of opportunity for growth and empowerment, we are taking back our power from both our past and our present.

Only we are the catalyst in our lives. And we choose the meaning we give to every single moment we live.

What meaning are you going to choose? Embarrassing secret? Or empowering truth?

– Rachelle

Message from the author:

As I have done and will always continue to do myself, I wish for you to find the courage within to embrace and declare all that is you. The one thing I have been most certain of my entire life is that I am here in this world to help you find your power to do exactly that. Because it is my journey and I have come to know it very well.

Since the greatest teacher is firsthand experience, I have endured experiences beyond what most can conceive. I have come to know that they each were – and life always is – an incredible opportunity for learning and growth so that I may awaken to that which I truly am, which we all are. Only in this awakening do we fully reunite with our true power. Then and only then can we find and grow true love from within.

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