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Welcome to the 26 Days of Happiness! Today is day 18. Please meet featured author Jennifer Tasker from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, sharing their inspiring story!

Every one of us have those days, weeks, months, even years of trials and tribulation. We get so caught up in the struggle that we sometimes lose our way, staying stuck in this cycle of “Why me?” These are the times we seem to forget just how powerful and in control of our lives we really are.

Not every moment is going to feel perfect or even light-filled, we will always have moments of sadness and struggle, it is part of our learning process and how we grow and evolve.

How on earth do we do it? How do we maintain our happiness when these struggles keep getting in the way?

Here are four steps to help you live a happy and full life despite your struggles.

Awakening with Presence

When you take the time to ponder who you really are, you realize you’re a miracle. When you first awaken, pause and gift yourself a few minutes to check in and focus on the present. Appreciate the gifts that are offered to you at the moment, such as the miracle of your breath moving through your lungs. The warmth of your bed, the feeling of your head on your soft pillow.

Enhance your self-awareness by beginning your day focusing on the miracle that is you and the blessing that is the present. This practice reduces stress, increases feelings of joy, serenity, and peace, and can really set the tone for your day.

Work on Letting it Flow

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but thankfully like the sun, we awaken with a chance to begin again.

If you are feeling out of sorts go outside for a moment and look around, notice the birds flying and freely singing a tune, life is in full bloom all around you, ever-moving, ever-changing. Nature is constantly adapting to its environment. Have you ever noticed how a tree just bends and flows in the wind as it bathes in the rain, washing away any dust or debris? When the storm passes and the sun breaks through the clouds, the tree will gently shed the rain away, basking in and reaching for the light, growing taller and stronger with each new storm. This reminds you that all things can and will constantly adapt to its environment, in its own unique time. 

Decide how you will approach each day, choose to be mindful of the feeling of happiness and love.

Put on Your Grateful Gear

To do today: Throw on your grateful gear, toss out your grumpy pants, live the happy life you deserve!

Take the time each day to remind yourself what it’s like to be happy and feel love.

  • What are your thoughts and dreams?
  • What fills your heart with joy and laughter?
  • Have you outgrown your goals? If so, that is exciting, it means you can do or be anything your heart desires! This is an amazing part of our resilient soul; we get to adapt and change as much as we want to.
  • What do you want to do next? The world is at your fingertips!

Maintain Balance with Mindfulness

Stop worrying about things you cannot control. Be mindful of your moments, they won’t be repeated.

Our light source is a whisperer that is continuously sending us loving, positive, forward moving, and problem-solving thoughts. The closer you listen, the further you travel towards who you really are! Practice mindfulness to find balance. Being mindful of the ‘signals’ your body is giving and can be immensely powerful.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself these three questions:

  • How do I feel about this situation?
  • Will this serve my purpose?
  • What should I do?

The key step that many of us forget is to quietly and mindfully wait for the answers to come, and they will. Often this is felt in your core (tummy) before it reaches your brain. You will basically feel the answer. We are a complicated species indeed!


It is important to remember that mindfulness does not mean you pitch a tent and stay in your mind, slowly driving yourself bananas in the process. Being mindful means to slow right down, be aware of your breath, your movements, your very being. Find the volume button on your Light Source and turn it up to full blast! Learn to depend on this voice as if it were your closest ally, because trust me it is. The more mindful and aware of this voice you become, the more enlightened and fuller of love you will feel. Once you master this you live and breathe love, you become mindful of all the glorious moments, and you love them, all of them, the good and the bad.

Most importantly don’t forget that we are worthy and enough exactly as we are!

Be in complete acceptance of you, and your one-of-a-kind luminescent light, because you are so much more than enough.

If we can remain focused on our resilient and powerful light, and trust in the lessons that we must learn, we are then able to stomp through the difficult phases, and fiercely light our way through to the next quest on our journey like the Warriors of Light that we all are.

~ Jenny Tasker

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