Living Your Life with Joy

Joy Is an Inner Sense of Freedom

Wake up tomorrow morning and every day after and affirm “I AM FREE!” This kickstarts your day, so you hold onto your highest vision and live life with absolute joy.

Living With Joy is A Path in Itself

There are many paths in life to choose from. The path of joy begins with a basic question:

“What brings joy into my life?”

Can you answer that question at this moment? Do you know what brings joy to your life?

Do you often feel your daily life is focused on fulfilling obligations? Are you too busy to think about what makes you feel good?

It’s a modern human trait in our busy world, to put off practising something that makes us feel good until some future time when life will be happy and contented. The trouble is we never seem to get to that place, and the sense of well-being isn’t with us today or ever in the moment.

For the majority of us, our time is filled with activities that are not soul-directed but personality-directed. We have been programmed to believe that being busy creates self-worth.

You may have created a job, a relationship, a lifestyle that is not truly bringing you joy. If so ask yourself:

 “Why am I here? What has created these circumstances?” 

The personality self is distracted and driven by the senses from moment to moment. Constant pulls on your time and voices making demands. Always having to cope with the thoughts and emotions of others and then having to deal with the way they affect your own mind and emotions. Many of us often feel a deep inner desire to be needed.

Is this you?

Do you find yourself in power struggles? This may be with loved ones, friends, work colleagues and even strangers.

Is your time full but not filled with things that you want and that make you happy?

All the activities that are directed by your soul are always done for your higher purpose and they are guided by the inner messages. The opposite of soul direction is the external energies and pulls of the outside world and others. All the should and should nots that demand your attention outside and pull your mind in all directions, so that you lose your way, and your true joyful purpose is pushed aside or forgotten.

The Path of Joy Comes from Living in the Present

Following the path of joy means making a shift in your awareness to stop being caught in the details of life but begin being uplifted by them instead. To do this you have to find your centre and align with your soul’s path and inner direction. When you practice this, you begin to live in the present and this helps you to both manifest and magnetize joy in your life.

I’ve always been a sensitive person and before I learned otherwise, I was easily pulled into the energies of others. I used to listen to their point of view, their stories and demands and allow them to influence and pull my emotions. My energy would spiral downwards and sometimes I found myself falling into a dark pit with them where a black cloud of negativity surrounded and gripped me and there seemed to be no way out.

I learned to align within and protect myself with energy work.

Living With Joy is a Path of Compassion

To follow the path of joy and compassion doesn’t mean I am obligated to love everyone’s personality regardless of the way they act. It is a path of seeing the truth of who someone really is, acknowledging and accepting everything about them and loving their inner soul and unique journey.

I discovered that to live in joy and compassion includes looking at people and asking if there is anything I can do to assist or bring them in touch with their higher vision. If there is nothing I can do, rather than spending time with them and allowing them to drain my energy it’s better to love them from a distance and radiate love and sunlight to them. This helps to free myself and to free the other person.

The Path of Joy Involves Self-Value and Being Able to Receive

There are always things to be grateful for in life. To experience peace and live in strength, beauty, grace, compassion, and joy:

STOP for a moment and appreciate what you have.

Acknowledge the simple things you see every day such as trees or flowers, a heartwarming smile, the sunshine, and even the air you breathe. Appreciate friends and loved ones and a simple gesture of kindness at every possible moment.

The path of joy begins with caring for yourself and having compassion for yourself and others. To stop judging and simply accept and be open to receive positivity and move forward in the energy of your higher purpose.

Each day affirm: 

“I trust the universe. I am open to receive the love, freedom, and joy that I deserve!”

It’s important to spend your time wisely and when you are soul driven, to focus on achieving the greatest good both for yourself and others. Always aim towards the highest good and have compassion for yourself. Value yourself and your time rather than allowing someone else to own it.

Each day affirm:

“I am a unique and valuable person; I use my time wisely!”

“I am worthy and valuable. I am open to receive joy!”

When you do this the world reflects it and affirms it to you.

Exercise to Connect with Your Inner Joy

Sit quietly and breathe. Think of a beautiful symbol that you associate with Joy. It can be a simple image, a musical note or tone, whatever works for you. But keep it simple.

Imagine you are holding it in your hands inside a ball of light. Bring it up to your heart, then up to your crown. Lift your arms higher to engage with your soul. Then take your ball of light and symbol of joy and bring your hands down around the sides of your body as if you are pulling it through you to anchor it here on earth.

Use your ball of light and symbol of joy throughout your day to remind you and realign yourself with joy.

When you do this your higher purpose begins to flow more clearly and you receive and accept joy into your life.

Ask your inner self, your joyful self:

“What can I do tomorrow to open and receive more joy into my life?” 

Your soul knows what will bring you joy tomorrow. When you wake up, if problems come to mind, rather than focussing on how you will get through the day, immediately ask yourself:

“What can I do to relieve and uplift a situation that’s draining my energy?” 

“What can I do today that will bring me joy?”

Listen to the inner whisper of your next step.

Wake up tomorrow and affirm:

“Living with joy is Freedom!”

Open yourself up to receiving all the wonderful things life has to offer by asking yourself these questions every day. You are worthy and deserving of freedom and joy.

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