When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See?

When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See? by Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Mirror

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you see a beautiful and unique soul worthy of all life has to offer? Most likely not. We are our worst critic! We are born without judgments of ourselves but as we grow up, we learn certain belief systems. Such as, in order to be accepted in society you have to look a certain way, act a certain way, and think a certain way.

When it comes to religion you have to believe a certain way, or you are not following the doctrines of the church. If you belong to one political side or the other, you’d be judged by your political beliefs. These are just a few examples of how society has aided in our beliefs about ourselves, causing deep-rooted issues.

When you look in the mirror do you see yourself with love or do you see the flaws you may have?

Those flaws are only on the outside they are not a true depiction of who your soul is. What thoughts do you think in the quiet moments of your life? Are they beautiful thoughts of love or are they negative thoughts of worthlessness, thinking you’ll never have enough? Where do you allow your thoughts to take you? And why do you allow those thoughts to rule your life?

What lies do you believe you have told yourself or what others have said to or about you? That you are not good enough, you don’t measure up, you aren’t worthy, you’ll never be able to do that? They are comparing YOU to them, how they feel about themselves, and what they feel they can do, that is not a reflection of you but of them.

You are your own unique person, never accept another’s judgment of you. They look at you through filtered eyes.

Some might say you don\’t measure up… according to whose standards?

If you constantly live your life by the standards of others, you are not being true to yourself. If you spend every day pretending to be someone you are not, you are living a lie, and that my friend, is a life unlived.

Stop allowing yourself to believe the lies. If someone lied to you about something really important you would be upset, right?! So why do you allow yourself to lie to you? Do you not deserve the truth?

How do you stop with the lies?

First, you have to recognize the lies by tuning in to your feelings, then ask yourself ‘Am I certain that this is true?’ Most of the time you will get a little voice that will say ‘you know better than that’ or ‘stop it’.

Second, learn to turn it around for example: If you say to yourself ‘I can never do anything right’ try saying ‘What have I learned from this and what can I do differently next time?’

Lastly, when in those quiet moments give yourself some love, it may sound silly but pretend to give yourself a hug and tell yourself that you are worthy and beautiful just like you would a child or a loved one.

Shifting your mindset from inner critic to being your own champion and learning to ask better questions about yourself can really turn things around.

The Truth Is…

The only thing standing in the way of you living the best life possible is YOU! You are enough, you are worthy, and you are beautiful. You don’t have to believe certain things. You are allowed to believe what your heart tells you. You don’t have to be skinny, you don’t have to drive a BMW, live in a mansion, and you don’t have to fit into a certain clique.

The only thing you have to be is YOU! Be true to you! Stop allowing the lies that keep you from living your life to your true potential. Empower yourself! Don’t be a victim. Stand up and take your life back!

Believe in your truth. Believe in You! I challenge you to see if you can change the vision of yourself in that mirror.

Have you learned little ways to shift your inner critic? If so, please share with us in the comments section below.

To your highest good and greatest growth,

– Kim

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