Lost at 40: Pivot to Change the Course of Your Life

Lost at 40 Pivot to Change the Course of Your Life by Dolores Fazzino #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #ReinventYourself #Pivot #ChangeDirection

Are you in your forties and feeling lost?

Maybe you have climbed the corporate ladder and are successful in your career making tons of money, or maybe you are raising a family and maintaining a household, or all of the above, making you feel like you are on a conveyor belt of life and just watching it all pass by. Or maybe you want to start your life, have had a financial setback, a health crisis, or other challenges that have kept you from your dreams and desires and you feel as if you are running out of time.

Your identity may be mom, spouse, dad, taxi driver, employee, employer, boss, caregiver, patient, client, coach, household strategist, single parent. You are wearing a multitude of hats and juggling many roles to survive and get by. You no longer are a priority in your life and often are the last thing “to do” on your list of tasks.

Or maybe you are misaligned with yourself. You have no idea who you are and have lost sight of who you have become.

You present a façade that you are happy, yet, inside a vast chasm, an emptiness exists. A part of you feels unfulfilled, tired, stressed, and the old tricks you used in the past to “feel better” are just no longer working. You no longer know who you are or even what you want. You realize a deep part of you, your soul, is yearning to reconnect with the lost part of you. Or you continue on the conveyor belt because that is what we have been taught to do, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel seems to continue into infinity without an end in sight.

Then one day, you look in the mirror and your reflection startles you. You do not recognize the image staring back at you. In shock, you wonder, “What the heck happened? Where did the time go? Whatever happened to that illuminated self I was in my 20’s, the dreams, ambitions, sense of purpose and knowing who I was? What happened?” The reality check is that you may have just awakened from a long sleep just like the fable “Rip Van Winkle” who fell asleep for 20 years to reawaken to find he is in a different time, different place, and is even a different person. You may be overwhelmed or even in shock!

So, what’s a person to do? First, take a deep breath. Breathing is so very important to get yourself present in your body.

This is a Pivot Moment. A Pivot Moment is when we decide that you desire something different.

Clearly determine what it is you want. So, what do you want? The only one who can answer this question is you. So many of my clients find this a difficult question to answer. We are very clear about what we do not want, yet we are clueless as to what we desire. Does that sound familiar? I thought so.

Having a clear intention of “what you want,” assists the universe to align, to co-create with you, and to manifest what you want and desire.

This creates a pivot to change the course of your life.

Each of us is presented with many opportunities during our life to create Pivot Moments. It is up to us to do so and pivot. A pivot can be as simple as flipping a switch and changing perspective. We are always in control of our world based on our perceptions and how we respond to situations. We can be in reaction mode or in observation. A Pivot Moment is when you choose something different than what was the status quo. Yes, it can be scary, you are in uncharted territory.

Remember, reinventing yourself is a choice and can happen at any time, it is never too late! All that is required is a desire to pivot, change the direction of where you are at currently, and want something different. You are the only one who can do this for yourself.

This is the most important foundational step to allow things to go into motion, all that is necessary is to pivot.

– Dolores


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