Love and Light is Eternal

Love and Light is Eternal by Irene Sonja Fanane #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #LoveAndLight #Love #Light #Eternal

Love and Light is Eternal by Irene Sonja Fanane #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #LoveAndLight #Love #Light #Eternal

A Message Received from the Angels –

Spring is in the air! The Angels sing and the Fairies frolic at the sight of every open flower, budding tree, and beautiful butterfly. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is one of the many examples nature uses to teach you spiritual lessons about your own transformation. Spiritual Transformation constitutes a change in the belief system you hold as a basis for self-definition and your interpretation of life. Like the caterpillar, the human being undergoes an equally dramatic transformation. Unfolding the path to liberation from within the depth of the soul. Emerging again, after periods of great struggle, as an expression of divinity.

Anything born in spring dies in fall, but love is not seasonal. —Rumi

Everything in life is seasonal, only Love and Light is eternal.

See yourself reborn and renewed in the “love-light energy” that can heal every fiber of your being. Commit to love and gratitude because you are never going back to this moment in time again! Neither will you see your face the same way again! Step away from the mirror and the past is gone instantly. You are only in the essence of now. When you wake up, look for the blue sky no matter how many clouds cover the landscape. Look for the flower you missed seeing in the garden of life. You are at a pivotal point in the planetary ascension process. See the sky and the sun releasing waves of energetic light and transformational codes into the planet’s energy field. The colors and shapes speak in codes you are beginning to understand. Not much is more important for your evolution than Love. If you have learned more lessons about love than fear, you win eternity. The eternal Self knows only Love, blessing the good and the bad. It accepts the polarity on this planet for its own growth. You are endless. Any pre-occupation with material things is in vain. Your joy comes from within, there you find divinity.

Remember you are Love but you are Light as well!

The Guardians of this planet see your Light. Your Light is like the four seasons, each with its own beauty, color, and temperature. Some are more temperate and others more extreme. There should be no surprise that you are called Light-bearers. You are remembering Who You Are. You are an aspect of the Creator of Light. You are Light.

In the beginning of creation, God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.” Your own scientists now reveal that virtually all living creatures emit light and the human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day. This visible light differs from the infrared radiation that comes from body heat.

Your Love and Light reflects in nature and thus you create more beauty and healing when you are in sync with nature.

The world is not always in sync with this appreciation. Not always is there a feeling of gratitude for the magical creation and its Creator. If you are sick in body or spirit, go outside and let the power of nature heal what ails you. To alleviate stress, go outside and smell the roses. Bless every living thing that is here to help you. You will find healing in hugging a tree or sitting in the grass to feel the healing warmth of Mother Earth. Only in this awareness will you find ALL OF YOU. You are made from every mineral, plant, and animal on this planet. Accept this fact and you will find healing in this sacred exchange of energy for survival. Be grateful to all … You Are All.

However, in this current shift, often times the density of this physical experience becomes very difficult. What still needs healing will surface in ways you do not expect or are prepared for. Many of you have become tired of the pressure needed to push through. Giving up becomes a standard choice at each apparent dead end, specifically when a sense of great loneliness appears. It takes a lot of focus to live at this time. Many are departing … don’t hold them back.

During such intensity or loneliness, it is very important to allow the angels to guide and comfort you, as they are the soul-keepers and your guardians.

The need for this spiritual relationship is vital to keep you connected to the Source of Love and Light.

From a spiritual perspective, the flow of energy needs to maintain fluidity to have the proper impact on body-mind-spirit. Do not forget that you are here on this plane of illusion collecting moments for your soul evolution into eternity.

Love and Light,

– Irene Sonja

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