Love Is Born: Affirm Your Right to Experience Love

This article births my first Wellness Universe blog.

The calling was upon me to define, “What LOVE is” and also answer, “Why do we all need to birth NEW Love?”

In my healing business as an author, teacher, and a healer, daily I see people at the crossroads; unable to commit to an existing relationship, make a decision to ‘move on,’ or receive love without relationship attachment.

Whatever your relationship status’ is, bringing forth a Birth in Love allows for a harmonious new beginning.

Love being born awakens in you now.

You are on a special calling; You are on a special mission to create this love now. Birthing a new love can open you up unbelievably regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not.

If you are in a relationship, you can call upon a new aspect of this relationship to clear karmic debris, which may have accumulated and toxic thoughts which may have built up over time. You are cleaning out old stored rubbish between you both and bringing in the new. Imagine you now getting a new room built on to your home for a new part of your relationship together. First, look at your old home (relationship) and give it a makeover.

Ask yourself this question:

“Where are we getting stale; what areas of our life need enhancing?”

See all old buried fears go, as you awaken to the great potential this new love with your partner/love will give you.

Why bother doing this?

LOVE gives more energy. It balances the hormonal function and you begin to glow from the inside out. LOVE makes you feel healthy, alive, and abundant. Love feeds the soul, so it is essential if you are in a relationship to do this love test regularly.

If you are reluctant to do this or think it is distasteful, you are not willing to change. This puts you in danger of the relationship eroding and becoming diseased.

You have to answer. “Yes” or “No.”

“Am I willing to clean out my old store house of emotions, grievances that build up over time and start on our new room? Or I can’t be bothered?”

Assuming that now you have decided to create a new depth in your relationship, you can begin to construct your new identity in Love. It’s like making room for a new baby coming into your life. You must really want the benefits, so outline them to yourself, and then ask yourself if this will serve your higher purpose together.

Sometimes a relationship has grown all it can and cannot cope with or want a new aspect.

If this is so, you must just accept this.  Decide what you both want here.  This is challenging, but we live in challenging times.

Truth must win in everything and must be above your own ego, which wants satisfaction by staying in a stagnant relationship.

Let’s establish a very clear intent, now:

“My intent is to enhance my relationship by creating a new aspect of love, embracing a new depth and meaning. I am now encoding my cellular memory to accept new frequencies in Love.”

“I am now allowing myself the experience to deepen my relationship to embrace a balanced heart-centered relationship, first with MYSELF and with my partner.”

This new love will bring you a sense of heart-centered balanced passion. You will feel alive, healthy, balanced in your hormonal function, with more energy and most importantly, this love, this passion will feed your souls, so you can truly be the miracles of creation you are meant to be.

This love is needed not only by yourselves, but also by our whole civilization. Everyone on the planet benefits through the love between couples. It elevates the whole consciousness of the planet and it releases the powerful love hormones out to others.

To create this new view of reality when you are single, is equally important, perhaps more so in some respect.

A woman undergoing a life- transforming experience of loss in relationship or purification from old karmic addictions in love is at an important crossroad. She will need to examine her need for sex for security or desire; also, her relationship patterns where she is being taken advantage of; betrayed by her own fear and need to feel safe with someone who knows this fear and takes advantage of it.

An offering to your own heart for this important new chapter in your life is required, and ideally you can begin this new ritual on the Full Moon. Give yourself one full month, from Full Moon to Full Moon to experience this new beginning in love.

You can call upon Earth Mother to help you in all aspects of this emerging new identity in love. Affirm your human right to experience love in all its aspects, you deserve to have the best experience a human can embrace in love.

It is your right to have this feeling, as it feeds your immortal soul, and brings you closer to your truth.

Heart I Love You,

– Carmel

Extracts from my book: The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through The High Priestess.

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