Love Feeds Your Soul

Love Feeds Your Soul Lynda Kaplan
Love Feeds Your Soul:
Look into the eyes of a baby.
They peer out at you, and their world around them, with eyes filled with awe.

More importantly, their eyes are filled with love.

We are created with a pure, loving soul. We have many gifts and talents that can be unique and special.
It is up to us to find these gifts and share them with our world. What we all have in common however, is Love.

We thrive as a baby when cared for, with food, clothing, and our basic needs. Without love, it has been shown that a baby will often not thrive as well. If love was not provided very much for us as we grew up, we may not perhaps thrive as optimally in an emotional way too.

Can this scenario perhaps be improved for us? In many cases, Yes.

Love begins within us.

By recognising this, we can be the ones to generate love for ourselves and then give it away. By giving our love away to other people, we actually fill ourselves up!

Love, and our Soul, cannot be seen, but many of us can feel it within us. We can usually recognise when we receive love, and give love to other people. Our basic nature is love, as mentioned. We don’t run out of love. It is a feeling that is replenished.

The more you give, the more there is to give. When you receive love, either physically, or perhaps through a kind gesture or word, you are filled up with love as well.

Your soul recognises Love at its most basic level.
Ideally, when we go out into the world, with a positive and loving attitude, we will attract other people who will usually give out their love to us as well. This is the flow of love in action.

We also recognise when someone gives to us in the name of love, but they are not representing actions of a loving nature. We feel it in our soul. It is uncomfortable. Giving with conditions for example, is not loving. It is conditional. It feels like there is a contract in place. There are times where this can be advisable. But giving love this way routinely is not ideal.

One of the purest forms of love is to give love away, with no expectation of anything in return. Random acts of kindness are a good example of giving love unconditionally to other people. Quite often, we only learn behaviors when we see them modeled around us. Where do we learn of hate, jealousy and other less-than-ideal emotions?

Perhaps it is when we attend a pre-school, or go to school, or learning to interact with older siblings, who might display these emotions? Perhaps we hear other adults with prejudices that can influence our way of thinking? If we can be conscious of our thoughts and actions we can refocus on loving actions to replace other, less-ideal emotions.

Love can bridge divides in relationships in many instances.

You cannot force another person to act with love, but if you approach them with love and show love in your words and deeds, then many times the interaction and energy around the communication is raised to be the best it can possibly be.

Love for yourself, and love from other people helps you maintain your optimum health and well being. Give out your love today to help fill up the people who you love.  Spread your love to the people you meet in the course of your day to day activities through your acts of kindness. Your life will feel special and blessed. You will help others feel loved and blessed as well.