Love: The Great Transformer

Love: The Great Transformer by Irene Sonja Fanane #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Transformer

The current pandemic has brought upon the planet great fear and uncertainty.

We find ourselves in extraordinary times with heightened emotion and complexity in this world situation. Grief, sorrow, and fear energy is significantly elevated right now at the individual and the collective level. However, it is also a holy time for reflection and introspection, because in grief you are always, yes always, building a future. Grief and sorrow are truly great transformers, leading us out of the darkness and helping us shed the necessary layers so we can reach more enlightenment.

The Universal 3D Karmic Cycle is close to completion and the 5D new cycle begins. The impact on us and how we prepare for the next cycle will determine our future health, wealth, and happiness. Of utmost importance is our spiritual and emotional stability, and that depends on YOU. Ask yourself if there is anything left in your heart and soul that needs healing. Are you still weighed down with old resentments, unforgiving and painful memories? Nothing different will happen in your life if you don’t “make room” for the new.

It is in times of grief and sorrow we are always, always building a future.

Most importantly, at this time of heightened emotions and complexity of the world situation, is to use our symbolic “wings” and fly above the nightmare. Our spirit can rise above it. All we need to do is align and connect body-mind-spirit to Spirit. Our emotional, mental, and spiritual stability depends on how much we believe, pray, meditate, and have faith that God is still in control. YES, God is in control, please relax! Now is the perfect time to look into our hearts and soul. What do we see? Love or fear? There is no stopping the changes. They will continue until their full completion, “Thy Will Be Done on Earth.”

Humanity is ascending to a higher level of consciousness as it enters the 5D reality, away from the ego, fear, separation-based 3D existence.

The whole planet is going through the evolutionary steps of ascension and purification. All life is moving to a higher frequency, including the physical planet. Everyone living is deciding on some level, whether they will ascend to the 5D reality or continue the negative patterns that belong to the long-gone past. The global shift is causing epic changes. Many souls are leaving the planet and going Home. The planetary ascension process is facilitating the evacuation of many people via natural and man-made disasters, including COVID-19. Feel the loss. Feel the pain on the world scene but know this too is part of the Divine Plan.

We are not alone in this planetary ascension. The Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation of Star Seeds, other dimensions and planes of consciousness are involved in the process. The global shift comes disguised as loss and sorrow, but do not believe it. Times of great changes carry the biggest miracles. Do not give in to the “confusion” that might come before the miracle or blessing comes to fruition. Keep your eyes open and stay in prayer. Those whose eyes are closed might miss the miracle. There are Angels numbering myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands who are involved in the global awakening. These Angels are very involved in these necessary changes but also in personal and global miracles and blessings.

“Pray, Meditate, and Believe in Miracles.”

Currently, two opposing forces are fiercely at work on planet Earth, light and dark. The light forces are moving us forward on the path to universal oneness with all creation and the Creator (5D). The dark forces view things from a purely physical state of separation from the Creator (3D). They have very little conscience on the ego fear-based path to control and power. They only see an individual, YOU, that is separated from WE.

We need to understand that we have agreed to experience duality, separation, grief, and sorrow to finally experience self-realization and a state of wholeness. We can only have free will in a universe of choice and contrast. Contrast will always be part of the universal experience, separation is only an illusion.

Today, more than ever, there is a powerful force in action, call LOVE. Love can transcend the veil of separation. Love opens the doors to divine communication, channeling, messaging, healing, spiritual guidance, and direction.

Love is the mysterious Great Transformer that will always prevail.

– Irene Sonja

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