Love is Calling, Will You Pick Up?

Love is Calling, Will You Pick Up? by Angelica Rose #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #LoveIsCalling

Love is calling.

It is a pure omnipresent and omnipotent love. A love so rich, divine, and pure. A love you can trust. A love that is unconditional. This love nurtures and pampers you. It accepts who you are and is willing to take away the beliefs that are not serving you. All you are required to do is surrender those beliefs.

Love is calling. Are you picking up?

It is Divine Love. Some may call it God, Christ, Buddha, or a higher intelligence. What is great is that it is LOVE. You experience heightened love when you focus your intention and attention on this Divine Love. It is beyond any frequency you can imagine. We are living on a vibrational planet. You get to decide how much you are willing to allow in. You can allow a thimble and that is the amount you will receive, or you can allow the unlimited vastness of this Divine Love, which I call the Universal Love Realm.

When I focus all on this Universal Love Realm, I feel freedom. I feel happy, alive, and optimistic. I feel connected to this oneness of purity where there is no duality. Duality being a polarity based on belief systems that trigger opinions of good, bad, right, or wrong. When I surrender anything that is separate from this amazing connection, I feel a peace that goes beyond opinions of conditions or behaviors.

The Universal Love Realm has no opinions, only love.

Sometimes we go to it to complain and share our woes. Other times we go to share our love and gratitude. The stories and emotions are what I experience, not who I am. I am not the personality or the beliefs, I only become one with them when I give the fear, limitations, negativity, and judgments, my power allowing them to run my life. I am discovering it is more fun to let go of the stories in the mind and celebrate the love I am open to receiving  from the Universal Love Realm.

Life is what we make of it.

I see it as a hologram that mirrors what is perceived, whether it be the truths of connection to Divine Love or the illusions that keep us feeling separate. Once the truth of the Universal Love Realm is solid enough empowerment resides. The old hologram shatters all illusions and beliefs that are not serving. New moment to moment living takes over and life becomes more of a playground.

In my solid connection to this Universal Love Realm, I can walk in the world peacefully, joyfully, becoming a beacon of this love. It shines for those who are open to remember their own truth. It is not meant to teach, correct, force, or control. It is a light that shines in beauty for those who are open to receive it. This love is so rich that it replaces all hate, anger, prejudice, control, negativity, limitations, and fears.

I honor this and love it. I am open, available, ready, and committed to it.

Love is calling; will you pick up and join me?

– Angelica

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