Managing Uninvited Psychic Awareness

Managing Uninvited Psychic Awareness by Jill Leigh #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PsychicAwareness
Managing Uninvited Psychic Awareness by Jill Leigh #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PsychicAwareness
Uninvited Psychic Awareness?

Awhile back, I saw that another healer shared a quote on Facebook, in which I’ve paraphrased below:

No matter where we are when we meet, within 5 minutes, I’ll know your pain, issues, hidden feelings and emotions. Because I’m a reader. It’s who I am, and it’s what I do.

No. No. No. Not ok.

Healers must behave more mindfully if they want to take up their rightful place in the alternative and complementary healing field, a $14 billion service industry in 2016.

Know this, an ability to read people psychically does not confer permission to do so.

Healers who read people in social settings are unprofessional and toxic, and quite often untrained in psychic awareness. The leering quality of this behavior is especially virulent. When meeting someone socially, perhaps for the first time, it’s unlikely that deep, tender emotions and vulnerabilities will be shared.

These psychic healers who read people continuously might not know how to avoid filtering the information they pick up through their own emotions, beliefs, and judgments. Doing so skews accuracy in small or perhaps even significant ways; not that it matters when you’re being read at a party!

Too often, I hear healers say that they can’t help reading people because the “lights are always on.” I’ve taught psychic awareness — seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing, tasting and smelling energy for more than 25 years. Trust me, there’s an off switch.

When psychic awareness is studied and integrated, the effective practitioner does reasonably deep inner work to refine perception.

It’s challenging to master accurately reading others without doing this essential internal study to cultivate neutrality and non-attachment.

Consider the following questions:
  • Would you consciously choose to work with a healer who had repeated misdemeanor convictions as a Peeping Tom?
  • Would you want that person to touch your body, probe your emotional issues and pain, see you in raw, fragile vulnerability?

I didn’t think so.

That information is shared with trusted confidantes, or in the container of a healing practice. If psychic awareness is used, there must be a clear disclosure that reading the client is part of the session.


It is unethical and inappropriate to read people at a party, outing, chance encounter, over a cup of tea, or meet and greet with or without consent. If the person wants to be read, book an appointment.

Licensed therapists, doctors, and other clinical professionals follow a code of ethics that applies to their professional practice and personal lives. Alternative healers are not exempt from ethical practice and appropriate conduct.

If you’ve been taught or you believe that your psychic abilities are spontaneous and cannot be controlled or regulated, please do some research. Find a course within your budget that hones and anchors these skills, and features an off switch! Psychic development needs to be supervised to calibrate perception and ensure clarity. Feedback from a skilled practitioner is essential for mastering psychic awareness.


No one can read you without your consent. You are entitled to respect. Your personal, emotional and physical issues and stories are yours to tell.

If you experience this infringement, know that the healer is:
  • Violating your right to privacy and choice to disclose
  • Unskilled and unethical
  • Boundary-less
  • Unprofessional

The intersection of the New Age with alternative and complementary healing has created an efficacy void that frustrates practitioners who have done the hundreds of hours of work it takes to learn, apply and master modalities.

Hopefully, the information shared in this post will circulate widely and educate those in the healing field to further their learning. Consumers may have increased ideas about discernment and their choice of resources.

What’s been your experience with alternative and complementary healers? Share your stories with us in the comments section below, but please, do not name names!

– Jill

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