Manifest Magic & Miracles: Gain Clarity and Align Your Energy to Manifest Your Desires

We have a saying, “Clarity equals freedom.” 

Once you have clarity, you are then empowered to focus on your best next steps so you can achieve your desired outcomes.

However, if you are uncertain, fuzzy, or wishy-washy about what you want to create, you will struggle to manifest your goals.

A confused mind will not produce results or manifest the business you dream about.

When you are confused you create what seems to be “groundhog day,” experiencing the same things, day after day. You wake up with a desire in your heart, yet due to a lack of clarity and not knowing your best next steps, you continue to spin in confusion. 

And, because of this confusion, it creates chaotic energy. That’s when you feel like you are all over the place, and overwhelm sets in. You have lots of ideas, but you do not know what to do first. So, you spin; like those little hot wheel cars that fly off the track and hit the wall. The wheels are spinning but that little car is stuck, going nowhere.

Your time is too precious to waste on confusion and indecision. Staying stuck is a choice. 

While there are many steps and different aspects to create what you want to manifest in your business, you must begin with clarity. 

A clear vision, with a clear desired outcome, will produce results.

Here are 2 ways to move forward.

#1 Get Clear on What You Want

When we ask people what they want to manifest, their answer is usually, “I don’t know.” 

The truth is you do know. However, you are blocking your own inner knowing. In order to release the energy of “not knowing,” you can begin to open yourself up and allow your desires to rise up from within. 

By asking a question of your higher self, you’ll receive guidance from that higher power. It’s helpful to sit quietly in a meditative state and listen for your answer. 

#2 Gain Clarity on How to Achieve Your Desire

Here’s a simple secret to gain clarity: Take action. 

Once you act, watch your results unfold as you move forward. When you are clear and you have a direction, you will begin to align to the energy of your desires, goals, and outcomes. As you take inspired action from the guidance you receive in your meditations, something amazing happens. You gain even more clarity. 

You gain clarity as you take action.

Think of a parked car, for example. Can you steer a parked car? No, you cannot. However, when you have a clear destination in mind, you can start your car and drive with your destination in mind. 

The same analogy holds true when you put energy into motion. You will be amazed at the shifts and changes that occur as you gain clarity and move towards achieving your goals.

Heres an example:

Let’s imagine that you are in a restaurant. The waitress comes over to take your order. You are struggling with what you want to eat. You try to decide between having eggs and hash browns or a grilled cheese sandwich. Then your eyes wander to the dessert menu. Now, you begin wondering if you would rather eat a brownie with ice cream on top. 

While you\’re looking at the menu trying to decide, the waitress stands there waiting for you. You look up at her and ask if she can come back in a few minutes. 

A few minutes go by, and she comes back ready to take your order. But you\’re still unclear. Now you don’t know if you want pancakes or a veggie burger.

You finally decide. 

You wave the waitress over to your table and tell her what you want to order. “I’d like a grilled cheese sandwich, please.” She writes that down on her pad and she walks away. She is no more than three steps from your table when you call her back. “Miss, I changed my mind. I’d like the veggie burger.” 

She crosses out the grilled cheese sandwich and writes down the veggie burger. She walks away. 

Now apply this to the chaotic thoughts that whirl around when you are trying to gain clarity on what you want to manifest in your business. 

In the restaurant example, you discovered that in order to know what you want to eat you first need to get clear on the options and make a decision. Once you decide then it’s time to place your order. If you do not make a decision and place “your order,” nothing will show up. This example can be applied to your business as well. When you are uncertain, support from the Universe will not be available to fulfill your desires.

To get out of confusion, follow these 3 steps. 

  1. Become clear on what you desire. 

  2. When you have clarity, move forward into action. 

  3. Align your energy to match the vibrational frequency of your desires. 

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