Manifesting Tip of the Month: April

Manifesting Tip of the Month: April by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MonthApril

Everyone wants to be able to manifest powerfully.

We want to be able to create results in any area of life without a lot of fuss and bother. We want to feel like the Law of Attraction and the abundance of the benevolent Universe is working for us. In the end, our success in manifesting anything comes down to our energy: what we are broadcasting and what we are allowing. While only you can discern exactly where your energy is, here are some powerful manifesting tips, in no particular order, which will amplify your manifesting magic.

Manifesting Tip of the Month: April – Check In With Your Root Chakra

Most of us are pretty ungrounded. (See Manifesting Tip of the Month for November). The energy of wanting or desire vibrates in our upper bodies. This is one reason why wanting something badly works against actually achieving it. When we want something, we create an energetic distance between us right now and the thing we want. We effectively tell our subconscious minds and the Universe that we want this continued distance, that we’d rather be in the energy of wanting than in the energy of having.

So, after the initial perception of desire, it is much more effective to let the desire go and enter into an energetic state of gratitude (Manifesting Tip for July will explain more on this) and the emotional state of already having what we desire. (See Manifesting Tips for February and March for more on this.)

Your root chakra, with its powerful connection with the Earth, is busy gathering all the 3-D energy and necessary conditions to bring you closer to all that you desire.

Check in with it. Your root chakra is in your groin area, a body area that most of us are conflicted and edgy about. Try to relax and be an observer of that area of your body. See if you can feel its activity, its collaboration with the Earth, water and nature energies. See if you can discern its extraordinary global interconnectedness, like massive tree root or mushroom colonies, communicating below the surface.

Try to be aware of any energetic adjustments that would facilitate your manifestation. Could you relax a bit more? Visualize a bit more clearly? Have more fun with this?

Once you state a desire, your root chakra and the entire planet and Universe get busy taking steps to make your dream a reality.

Get in touch with this power by focusing on your root chakra. One visualization I like to use is to imagine a little index card file box, like a recipe box, in my root chakra, beneath the surface of the Earth. I, metaphorically, finger through the cards until I find the one that has the recipe that matches ALL of my qualifications, all the perfect ingredients that will match my desire exactly. I love the settled feeling of rest and confidence that spreads through me when I find the perfect card.

– Sue

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