Manifesting Tip of the Month: February 2018

Manifesting Tip of the Month: February 2018 by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #February2018

Manifesting Tip of the Month: February 2018 – Ritualize Your Intentions — Late joining this monthly series? Check out last month’s manifestation tip!

Everyone wants to be able to manifest powerfully.

We want to be able to create results in any area of life without a lot of fuss and bother. We want to feel like the Law of Attraction and the abundance of the benevolent Universe is working for us. In the end, our success in manifesting anything comes down to our energy: what we are broadcasting and what we are allowing. While only you can discern exactly where your energy is, here are some powerful manifesting tips, in no particular order, which will amplify your manifesting magic.

Manifesting Tip for February 2018: Ritualize Your Intentions.

In trying to manifest something new, we are re-writing old patterns of thought and belief in the subconscious mind. We are actually creating a brand new person, one who naturally has or is, that thing we desire.

Subconscious pattern formation is facilitated by emotional energy.

Although the subconscious will use any emotional energy to help lock a pattern into place, pleasurable emotions are particularly powerful in this regard. The more pleasurable and fun the new thoughts are, the quicker they get adopted as new beliefs. So make your intention setting FUN.

Create a ritual that includes auditory, visual and kinesthetic elements.

Put a stick on the ground and jump over it, pretending you are jumping into a whole new life. Vision boards are fine, but why not get some crayons out and draw the feeling of the new you on a large piece of paper? Make up a song or chant you can sing while you walk or do yoga or sit-ups.

Open a new journal, dedicated to the new you. Take a walk in nature dedicated to thinking new thoughts and feeling new feelings. Create a habit of stopping every time you get into your car, just to remember who you now are. Go to a new coffee shop or browse in a new store, because you are now someone different, someone who has or is a person with your desired outcome.

Ritualizing an intention in this way engages both sides of the brain, all of our inner child aspects, and both the conscious, analytical part of our brains and the subconscious, pattern the forming part.

The more fun you have with this, the more powerfully you charge up your intention.

Have fun!

– Sue

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