Manifesting Tip of the Month: December 2017

Manifesting Tip of the Month: December 2017 by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TipOfTheMonth

Manifesting Tip of the Month: December 2017 — Intention Equals Commitment 

Everyone wants to be able to manifest powerfully.

We want to be able to create results in any area of life without a lot of fuss and bother. We want to feel like the Law of Attraction and the abundance of the benevolent Universe is working for us. In the end, our success in manifesting anything comes down to our energy: what we are broadcasting and what we are allowing. While only you can discern exactly where your energy is, here are some powerful manifesting tips, in no particular order, which will amplify your manifesting magic.

An intention without commitment is a pipe dream.

We humans, tend to carry our energy around our heads. Each thought is an energy vortex that spins and floats around our head and upper body.

If we give our attention to a particular thought, it “gains weight” or gets more grounded in physical reality. The right kind of attention grounds the idea of something we want. (See Manifesting Tip 1) The “wrong” kind of attention will create something we don’t want.

The idea of effortless manifestation is all about setting a strong intention and then allowing the forces of the Universe to create for us. We only need to allow, but it helps to cooperate too. Our commitment is a form of cooperation.

If I imagine a big house on a hill overlooking a town, and I “set” an intention to have one, I have set the Universe in motion. The beautiful house is already created the moment I decide I want it. If I do nothing, I will very soon be living in that house. But it’s almost impossible for a human mind to do nothing. Our minds are ultra-busy all the time, and our emotional bodies and energy systems are also busy, busy, busy.

So, that intention has to move out of my head area.

Some people will tell you that you need to hold the intention in your heart. Your heart certainly needs to be involved in the process, but often, what is meant by that is that you need to hold your idea in the energy of desire, as in, “I want it with all my heart.”

This is good. That level of desire surely reflects a level of commitment that is above and beyond just thinking of wanting whatever it is.

But we have to be a bit careful about the energy of desire because it usually comes from a context of not having. In other words, I deeply desire that house on the hill because I perceive that I do not have it.

Desire, or wanting, will put up a wall against manifesting.

So, let’s instead, go about making a commitment to our intentions.

Are you fully committed to becoming the person who has achieved that desired goal? Are you fully committed to being that person right now, at this exact moment? How would that person be doing whatever you happen to be doing right now? How would that person feel? What thoughts would be in the back of that person’s mind right now?

You will probably find that in order to make that commitment to your intention, you will have to give up some habitual thoughts or behaviors.

If you don’t want to commit to your intention at this level, you are not really setting an intention, but dreaming a nice dream. You are the one in charge of making this happen for yourself. Your commitment facilitates the actions of the Universe in your favor.

How committed are you?

Till next month’s manifesting tip!

– Sue

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