Manifesting Tip of the Month for July

Manifesting Tip of the Month for July by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TipOfTheMonthForJuly

Manifesting Tip of the Month for July by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TipOfTheMonthForJuly

Everyone wants to be able to manifest powerfully.

We want to be able to create results in any area of life without a lot of fuss and bother. We want to feel like the Law of Attraction and the abundance of the benevolent Universe is working for us. In the end, our success in manifesting anything comes down to our energy: what we are broadcasting and what we are allowing. While only you can discern exactly where your energy is, here are some powerful manifesting tips, in no particular order, which will amplify your manifesting magic.

Manifesting Tip of the Month for July: Practice Gratitude —

Be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for your ability to dream of something that you don’t have yet. Be thankful for your capacity to imagine. Be thankful for the evidence you see that tells you your desire is on the way.

Be thankful for the distance you still feel between you and your desire. This life is a precious experience, one in which contrast and the sensation of not having or being is possible. Enjoy it as much as you can. When you leave this body, you will no longer be able to experience not-having.

What does this not-having feel like in your body?

The quickest route through not-having to having, is via the present-moment appreciation of these precious life moments of not-having.

When you can step into gratitude for not-having yet, you allow the river to flow through you. When you resist and resent not-having, you then cement not-having into your consciousness as a state of being.

Relax and enjoy the process. Be grateful for the process.

Acknowledge yourself for the gratitude you feel. This allows you to feel confident that the Universe is working for you, allowing the river to flow to and through you.

Cultivate gratitude as a basic operating mindset in all areas of your life. Be grateful for traffic and grouchy people. Be grateful for clouds and ants. Be grateful for long lines and spoiled plans. You have come here expressly to experience these things which are not available to us in our purest form. Be grateful for your frustration and impatience. Be grateful for not knowing, and for everything that appears to be an obstacle.

Some people advocate keeping a gratitude journal; this is a good idea, especially if feeling grateful is challenging for you. A written documentation of all the good that occurs in your life is a powerful reminder.

It is also a great idea to designate certain activities or times to gratitude practice. I take long drives sometimes, and rather than listening to music or books, I keep a mantra of gratitude going. I speak it out loud, expressing thanks for everything that comes to mind. Some people practice gratitude while drifting off to sleep. This is a powerful practice that effectively re-programs the subconscious mind.

I feel grateful for you and all you are manifesting!

See you next month for my Manifesting Tip of the Month for August!

– Sue

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