Manifesting Tip of the Month: March

Manifesting Tip of the Month: March by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TipOfTheMonthMarch

Manifesting Tip of the Month: March by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TipOfTheMonthMarch

Manifesting Tip of the Month: March — Practice Being the New You. Late joining this monthly series? Check out last month’s manifestation tip!

Everyone wants to be able to manifest powerfully.

We want to be able to create results in any area of life without a lot of fuss and bother. We want to feel like the Law of Attraction and the abundance of the benevolent Universe is working for us. In the end, our success in manifesting anything comes down to our energy: what we are broadcasting and what we are allowing. While only you can discern exactly where your energy is, here are some powerful manifesting tips, in no particular order, which will amplify your manifesting magic.

Manifesting Tip of the Month: March 2018 —Practice

You really are creating a brand new you, especially if your desire is a grand one.

Practice being this new you!

As you go about your day, do it as the person who has or is that desired outcome. Drink your coffee as a rich person. Make your morning smoothie as if you were making it for you and that special person you desire in your life. Brush your teeth the way a perfectly healthy and vibrant person would. Drive your car as a person who has 5 published books.

Don’t give up on this. There are so many random, unsupportive thoughts that fly by without us being aware.

We have to counteract a lot of momentum that runs in the opposite direction from what we want. Instead of asking, “What kind of shoes does a person in a conscious, loving relationship wear?” Declare that the very shoes you are wearing are exactly the type that person wears. The way you smile at strangers, the way you read before you go to sleep, the way you do the Sunday crossword – these are unmistakable characteristics of the person who has already achieved what you want to achieve.

Feel this in your bones. Let your imagination fly.

Inside you, there lives the person who has already manifested what you desire. Get to know that YOU. Identify with that YOU, and you’ll see the results around you before you know it.

‘Til next month’s tip!


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