Can Meditation Cure Disease?

Can Meditation Cure Disease? by Trilby Johnson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MeditationCure

Can Meditation Cure Disease? by Trilby Johnson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MeditationCure

Can Meditation Cure Disease?

You may call me a dreamer… am I the only one?

I generally don’t feel comfortable making guarantees when it comes to cures. I am 100% confident, however, that anything is possible when you are open to alternatives and focused on solutions. Meditation is one of the most accessible and straightforward tools that I know to do both; offer a well-being alternative and provide a solution, while still being complementary to the majority of treatments and modalities. It does take practise to perfect though, and that’s when the fun really begins!

According to the medical definition of meditation on, “Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.”

So, that’s quite a lot of benefits, don’t you think?

Even today, many of Western culture perceive meditation as doing nothing, wasting time that they believe they don’t have, something that is too woo-woo for them to do, or it’s some kind of a cult. And while it may have its roots in more spiritual doctrines, meditation is very much a practical non-secular tool, to support an easier and more fulfilled life in the real and busy world of today. It’s definitely, in my opinion, worth finding the time for.

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy.

Then a full hour is needed.”  – Saint Francis de Sales

I like to think of meditation as ‘Feng-Shui’ for the body, mind, and soul.

It helps to create a peaceful, calm and beneficial balance that creates a harmonious environment on the inside and outside. Many people only think of their health from a physical aspect. However, research now shows the link between body and mind. Consequently, it’s important to find a healthy ‘all-in-one’ body-mind-soul balance. Like meditation for instance!

The wonder of meditation, in my experience, is that it hones your focus inwards, and shuts out the outside world, often allowing the body to still and experience a deep state of relaxation and awareness. It’s an opportunity to experience and understand what the ‘no-thing’ is, and gives the brain a “timeout” to organize and integrate all of those daily thoughts. It can also result in major improvements in people’s health, moods, vitality, and ability to heal. Not bad for ‘no-thing’ happening right? Quite the contrary, in fact!

Medical research recognizes stress as a major contributor, in some way or another, to most major modern diseases.

By learning to contain, reduce and even eliminate the negative impact of stress in your life, this will enable us to live healthier, calmer and more disease-free lives.

The benefits from regular meditation as a stand-alone practise are extensive, and can improve and cultivate healing of the body, mind and soul in the following ways:

  • improved memory and concentration.
  • better and more positive moods.
  • optimal immune system function.
  • reduced blood pressure.
  • better sleep and quality of sleep.
  • increased creativity.
  • soothes mental and emotional processes.
  • affords the time for deeper subliminal integration of physical and mental processes.
  • ability to visualize.
  • less stress and more physical and emotional calmness.
  • physical improvement of symptoms of fibromyalgia and psoriasis, HIV, etc.
  • less reactive both mentally and emotionally.
  • deepens your connection to yourself and intuition.
  • relaxes, rejuvenates, and tones body and mind.
  • enables easier access to deeper personal wisdom.
  • activates an expansion of consciousness.

… and much more.

The paradox when approaching meditation is that this state is beyond the mind.

So, when it comes to healing or curing disease, in particular, it’s important to not enter into meditation pushing towards getting over the disease. Instead, enter a space of observing what is, and then allow other possibilities to manifest.

Using the technique of visualization, in this case, can be very beneficial, as you are meditating with the awareness, images, and sensations of being healthy. This practice floods the subconscious with positive vibes of good health and well-being. The brain can also only focus on one thing at a time and assesses everything as if it is happening now. The ability to experience strong positive health and well-being, objectively, in a meditative state, is extremely powerful and the body responds organically.

A word of caution, however, when it comes to curing disease and the notion of healing:

As humans, we have a physical body and usually focus on this more than the more invisible aspects of the psyche, emotions, and the soul. The ego-mind will have an image of what the resulting ‘cure’ looks like. However, on a soul-level, the solution that is ‘the cure,’ can be quite a different kettle of fish, and also beyond any limits set by physical parameters. And sometimes, in the grand scheme of things, a cure does come in the form of death, when the body and soul are released from the dis-ease and physical, mental, and emotional pain.

Meditation is very effective in helping the ill die gracefully with the acceptance of their fate, making the transition more peaceful for all parties concerned, proving to be a calming force also when dealing with grief.

Meditation, in my experience, is about cultivating what I call the art of conscious detachment. It does so in a way that allows you to cure yourself of the burden of judgment and polarity thinking – regardless if something is right/wrong, good/bad, healthy/unhealthy etc. – living the experience fully and richly, whatever it may be. It’s what can make all the difference when it comes to living a great life, simply because it’s the one we have been given and we have the wisdom to know the difference.

You may call me a dreamer, and I’m not the only one! Meditation has cured me of my dis-ease of imperfection, impatience, and not feeling enough.

It has shown me that in the ‘no-thing’ there is ‘wholeness.’ That there is always a cure, and more often than not, it comes down to gaining access. In more ways than even acknowledged today by mainstream media, meditation is the access key to a world of infinite possibilities and well-being.

Don’t be led astray by misleading information and give it a go for yourself. As long-term meditation teaches, practise is perfection. And from where I stand, as far as cures go, that’s priceless and a valuable return on investment in your health and well-being.

Can meditation cure disease? You decide!

Many Blissings.

– Trilby

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