Using Mercury Retrograde for Spiritual Growth

Using Mercury Retrograde for Spiritual Growth by Christine Agro #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpiritualGrowth

Three, sometimes four times a year, we experience Mercury Retrograde.

This is when the smallest planet in our Solar System appears to move backward in the sky and consequently throws all that it rules into chaos – communications, technology, and travel.

Imagine, to my surprise, when a single sentence changed my loathing for this tiny planet’s backward journey into pure admiration and love.

I was researching something about Mercury Retrograde and there it was, ‘mercury retrograde helps us to see where we are not living in alignment.’ My entire work is about helping people step into alignment with their own Spirit and exploring how our lives unfold as opportunities to deepen that connection, how could I have missed the most ever-present gifts that Mercury Retrograde shares with us?

It Got Me Reflecting

Over the years, I have noticed that during some Retrograde periods I slide through with barely a scratch, while others I emerge dented and bruised. I’ve lost computers and been stranded, I’ve had floods, septic issues, and one particularly memorable Retrograde, we uncovered our pool to find all the water had leaked out during the Spring Thaw.

Since my Mercury Retrograde attitude adjustment, I’ve been exploring the ways that we can use the retrograde to better understand and see what our life lessons are and how and in what way they show up in our lives.

How to Use Mercury Retrograde to Support Your Spiritual Growth

  • When Mercury turns Retrograde it’s a time of Re’s. For example, reposition, reset, reestablish, reclaim, reconstitute, reconcile, reflect. Each retrograde, I check in to see what the re’s are going to be for that particular retrograde and it gives me an idea of what I’ll be working. Quiet your mind and see what re’s come to you as you head into a Retrograde.
  • Additionally, we can look at what astrological sign the Retrograde is happening in and what element that sign holds. I believe that this is the reason I sometimes glide through it and others I’m tossed around. If Mercury goes retrograde into a sign whose element is at odds with my own, well, let’s just say, Mercury and I take the gloves off and we fight it out.
  • Look at where Mercury sits in your own Astrological chart for a deeper understanding of how the planet influences you.
  • The last piece to consider is whether you are living authentically because Mercury Retrograde will stir the pot to show you where you are not.
December’s Mercury Retrograde

We are in the shadow days right now and Mercury is moving retrograde into Sagittarius, a fire sign. Fire and Earth do not mix, Fire and Air tend to get along fine, Fire and Water also, do not mix.  With Mercury moving into Sagittarius for the retrograde, use this time to soul search and reflect on who you are, where you’ve come from and where you are going.  The Re’s I get for this Retrograde are: review, recollect, and reflect.

Look for those reoccurring themes during this time; are some Retrogrades more challenging than others? What kinds of things get affected for you, what areas of your life? Consider these to start: technology, communication, health, money, and travel; but also look for anything that is specific to your life. It will take several Retrogrades to get a good picture of what is happening, but I think you will learn a lot if you approach it from this perspective. If you want to keep track, I created a Mercury Retrograde Tracking form to help you track from Retrograde to Retrograde and to help you better see how Mercury Retrograde impacts you.

– Christine

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