Messages From The Light – Are You Ready to Stand in Your Divine Power?

Are You Ready to Stand in Your Divine Power?

Are You Ready to Stand in Your Divine Power?

Take a breath and slow down. Why are you in such a hurry? Where are you going? Do you even know? Stop and be still, if even for a moment, and look around you. Is this where you want to be? Is this what you envisioned for your life? How did you get here?

 Can you not see how you have become blinded by what others have directed you to follow without questioning their motives or their intentions? You, like many others, have been led like sheep toward a slaughterhouse.

 Your dreams have been slaughtered. Your ability to think has been slaughtered. Your connection to who you really are has been slaughtered. You are being fed to the wolves every day and you dont even know it. The wolves of greed, dependency, uncertainty, and despair.

It is no wonder your world is in the condition you now find it to be. It is not too late to save your world from total destruction and to save humanity from falling into even worse conditions than you are experiencing today.

 Wake up and stop following the herd. Listen instead to yourself, Your Real Self. Listen instead to the small, still voice within you that is currently being drowned out by the chaos and confusion that is all around you.

 In order to do this, you must slow down so you may hear more clearly and see what is really going on around you. It may be frightening at first and even shocking but if you truly wish to save yourself and your world, you must have the courage to see the truth and act upon it accordingly.

 Do not underestimate the power you have within you for you have the power and the wisdom for greatness.

Marisas Musings

As I was looking through various messages I’ve received over the years this one jumped out at me, and I felt guided to share it. I was surprised to see it was channeled through me over 7 years ago!

After reading it, I understood why I wasn’t guided to share it before now. I can see, given what we’ve all been going through over the last few years why this message is so relevant for us today.

It’s been my experience that we’ve all blindly followed others at times throughout our lives for many different reasons. Sometimes we give our power away and blindly follow another because we believe they know more than we do. Other times, we’re afraid of the consequences of making choices that differ from those around us.

It makes me think about peer pressure. We’re all aware of how young people go along with various behaviors and make choices based on what’s “popular” because they want to fit in and want to feel a sense of belonging. They’re also afraid of how their peers will treat them if they don’t “go along.”

Parents tell their children not to give in to peer pressure and yet as adults we often don’t have the courage to speak up and take a stand when we have different beliefs or see things differently than our peers.

It takes a lot of courage to speak our truth when we know there’s a big risk of being criticized, attacked, and rejected. When we remain silent, we make it easier for those in power to continue to dominate, control, and manipulate us under the guise of wanting to protect us.

Unless we take a stand and begin to question EVERYTHING we’re being told by mainstream media and those in power and until we’re willing to stop silencing those who have different perspectives backed by scientific data, we will contribute to the destruction of our planet and the chaos and hardships facing humanity.

I’m ready to take responsibility for giving my power away over the last 2 1/2 years by not speaking my truth for fear of how others might react. I’ve come to realize that my commitment to contribute to the betterment of humanity is greater than my concern that others might “attack” me for voicing my points of view and authentically expressing myself.

I know I’m not alone in this. There are many others like me who have remained silent after witnessing the cruelty, abuse, and censorship others who dared to speak up have experienced.

If you’ve been one of the silent ones, I invite you to join me in standing in your power and authentically expressing your truth from a place of love and compassion.

Let’s raise the vibration and frequency of our planet together so we can all live in peace, joy, and harmony.

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