The Messages of the Winter Season

The Messages of the Winter Season by Teri Mosey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WinterSeason

For many of us, we can look at the winter season as a time where the cold and snowy weather arrives.

With that comes sleigh riding, snowboarding, and a touch of hibernating in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate.

The winter season, in nature’s design, is a time to slow down.

It is the time of year to rest and retreat. Right around the corner is another spring, a time for new beginnings. Behind each season, is one of the five elements of nature.

Looking at the winter season, we can explore creation’s dominant element at this time and understand what it represents. The more aligned we are with nature, the healthier and happier we will be.

The winter season is correlated with the Water Element which symbolizes wholeness.

It is the beginning and end of each cycle in nature. It is where the universal creative potential resides. It is within this element that YOUR potential energy to create; to manifest your ideas/desires into form comes from.

The water element asks that we be willing to go with the flow of life, not resisting life’s inevitable changes. Your water energies are a reflection of how adaptable you are. When we resist change, try to micro-manage our lives, and live life with many “rules” and/or a rigid belief system, it will show up as a physical, mental, or emotional manifestation. It will show up as an imbalance in our water energies.

We may experience stiff joints, arthritis at its best. We may experience kidney or bladder infections. We wake up every night to urinate. Chronic constipation. Reproductive challenges such as infertility, fibroids, hot flashes, and low libido may surface. Lower back pain and sinus infections occur more frequently.

We become Inflexible in all aspects of who we are.

Our thinking becomes habitual and routine. We are quick to label people, things, or situations as good or bad. We want a sense of control; however false it may be.

At this time of year, with the winter season approaching, these experiences will become more prominent.

The good thing is you can begin connecting with your water energies through your relationship with food. One recommendation is to add Salty Flavor. Flavor goes beyond taste. It is an intrinsic quality that energetically impacts and nourishes the functions of physical organs.

The salty flavor is linked to the water element, resonates with the sacral chakra energies and fortifies the kidneys and bladder. The salty taste draws power in and down, giving a sense of grounding

Think about it, have you ever craved salty foods? You may in times of change, chaos, not feeling grounded or on some level not feeling “safe.” It happens when things are not predictable.

The salty flavor helps to remove stagnation. It can help alleviate an internal dryness that can show up in muscle and joint stiffness as well as mental inflexibility.

However, this doesn’t mean to start shaking lots of salt on your meals! No saltshaker! Consider cooking with a high-quality sea salt; one created from the evaporation of seawater with all its beneficial trace minerals intact. Also, consider foods with the salty flavor. Again, no saltshaker.

Consider adding sea vegetables, a touch of tamari soy sauce in your cooking liquids, organically fermented miso, some sardines, and even the grains barley and millet to your diet. How about a barley mushroom stew? A millet porridge with sweet potato and cinnamon? They are perfect for winter, water, and sacral needs.

Start to bring awareness to how adaptable and flexible you are in your life right now. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms I mentioned here? Are you creating NEWNESS in your life?

Remember there is a season of new beginnings right around the corner. This is the perfect time to go inward and deliberately begin the creation cycle.


– Teri

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