Mindfulness and Money: Creating Space for Change

Mindfulness and Money: Creating Space for Change by Carrie Thorsted #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CreatingSpace

Mindfulness and Money: Creating Space for Change by Carrie Thorsted #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CreatingSpace

Incorporating mindfulness into our relationships is one of the most powerful gifts that can be given to others, and to ourselves as well.

Truly listening when your partner is telling you about their day, tuning in to a child and really being “there” when you’re with them, and being conscious about the internal dialogue you have with yourself are all ways to improve our relationships and find joy in the present moment. There is a huge consciousness shift happening right now. People are waking up and realizing that they are making decisions and living their lives on autopilot.

But, have you ever thought about how you could use mindfulness within your relationship with money? You have the power to start creating space for change.

Think back to the last time you sat down and reviewed your budget or just looked through your bank account? Was it ever a pleasurable time, or did you find yourself rushing through the experience? Money is a very loaded subject for so many people. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to external beliefs, ideas, and habits and these become a part of us and part of our relationship with money. Healing this relationship is equally as important as our relationships with those closest to us because it is part of our everyday life.

Just like with a partner or friend, we need to work on this relationship consistently.

Going back in time to find all of these beliefs that we have that may not have originated from us, but from our parents, employers, friends, and society can be a long and difficult process. But, you will soon realize that many decisions you make around money: how much you spend, how much you save, what you think of others who have money; may not actually be your feelings at all, but someone else’s. Being conscious of this and cultivating a practice or ritual when dealing with your finances can begin to change your outlook, and ultimately, your financial success.

Here is my favorite way to bring your mindfulness practice to your finances:

Set aside a time every week (yes, every single week), where you can be alone for 30 minutes. Turn some nice music on, get a cup of tea, light some candles or diffuse your favorite oil blend, wrap yourself up with a blanket, and take a moment to come into the present moment. Next, begin to look through your budget or bank account and see what areas need to be improved upon. Try not to judge or get anxious and frustrated. Just look. See what it is telling you.

The money beliefs from our past tend to manifest in our current financial situation.

Maybe you will find you aren’t making enough money, you’re spending too much, or that you save too much and find it difficult to treat yourself. Next, close your eyes and take a moment to search your past experiences. You may have grown up thinking that money only causes issues; you’re a bad person if you are rich, or your kids will become spoiled. If your issue is spending too much, maybe you unconsciously feel you need to get rid of it for the same reasons, you feel the need to fit in, or you had bad spending role models. If you are saving too much, you may find that spending makes you feel guilty. Ask yourself if you feel as though you are worthy of receiving, and know that it is okay and actually healthy to treat yourself to nice things.

Find small ways that you can begin to change these habits.

Give thanks when you receive money, even if it is only a penny found on the street. Create a budget and stay conscious when you spend. Ask yourself, is this something that I need? Will this really make me happy? If it is hard to spend, maybe try donating a small amount every month to a charity that really speaks to you, or treat yourself once a month to a massage. Let money know that it is important to you. Thank money and continue growing and healing this relationship every single week.

It may be a slow practice, and a tough one, but cultivating a healthy and balanced relationship with money can open so many new doors. Remember: You are worthy. You are powerful.

You can begin creating space for change.

– Carrie

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