MindSet for a Healthy Lifestyle


MindSet for a Healthy Lifestyle

Most people know that a change in mindset is necessary to create new thought patterns and actions to accomplish their goals. If the old habits aren’t working, then it’s time to look deeper and clear the beliefs that hold you back.

Thoughts and beliefs drive us and it’s when we take control of them that we see a change take place. If you truly want to create a healthy lifestyle, perhaps it is time to learn how to create alignment and program your mind with the belief that works for you.

The mindset stems from the belief system that was formed throughout childhood and adolescence and it is the program from these beliefs, stored in the subconscious mind that creates your thoughts and actions.

Accessing these patterns and beliefs through deep relaxation is very effective in releasing blocks and creating a new mindset. In the state of hypnosis, the conscious mind is no longer involved to analyze and the subconscious mind is open to receive. You are energetically aligned to access the the superconscious which provides wisdom and insight to guide you.

Sometimes the subconscious mind simply needs to be part of a conversation to get to the bottom of what is going on and agree to align with the conscious decision to create healthy habits. The art of hypnotherapy is the means to have this conversation.

Hypnosis based therapies and energy healing help to uncover the root cause and release any beliefs that no longer serve you. Many times the energy of the past settles into the physical body and must be cleared to bring about a feeling of freedom. From there you are free to create a new mindset.

The timeframe to clear and create a new mindset depends on your readiness for change and your ability to imagine and be open to possible outcomes. If you feel stuck in your patterns and can’t seem to break free, perhaps it’s time to consider working with an experienced coach or spiritual guide to help you understand what you are missing in your thought process.

Here are some tips that have come up in the intuitive sessions I have been able to offer:

  • Pay attention to the excuses that you make that prevent you from going for a walk, choosing healthy food and drinking less alcohol. The excuses you make put you in a box, consistently allowing you to go off course. Become aware of the beliefs that are holding you back and that these beliefs are something you have control to change.
  • Acknowledge that there may be other ideas that you have not seen in the past. Open up to new ideas and the possibility of living the healthy lifestyle that you desire. It is possible, but you have to be willing to look at those possibilities.
  • Only compare yourself with yourself. There is always going to be someone who “seems” like they have everything together. Remember, you are unique and if you compare yourself to where you were 1 year or 6 months ago or however length of time you started to pay attention, you will probably find that you have improved.
  • Your imagination is the key to visualizing how you want to live your life, how you want to feel and what you want to create.
  • Believe in yourself. You are meant to live a healthy, happy life.

When you feel the energetic shift in your perception of what is going on in your life and the way that your challenges are presented to you, there’s a feeling of empowerment and confidence that creates trust in yourself to recognize your power. You come to rely on your own wisdom to move through whatever it is you are facing.

In creating a healthy lifestyle, instead of reaching for food you know is not right for you or eating more than is needed, you make healthy choices and you listen to your body when you’re full.

Late night snacking and the habit of eating everything on your plate can both be eliminated through hypnosis based therapies and visualization. You start to listen to your body and tune into your natural rhythms, more aligned with your health, rather than momentary fulfillment.

Your relationship with food is recognized for its nutritional value and the quality of your food choices improves as the emotional component is gone. It becomes easy for you to create new habits for a healthy lifestyle and you no longer reach for food when you’re bored or emotional.

If you’d liked to change your attitude toward exercise and create a love for the gym, you can create thoughts that propel you in that direction. It’s entirely up to you to create the program that is right for you.

Perhaps you developed a belief that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy of having joy in your life. It may have been from something that happened to you or it may be from a single comment, or perhaps comments you’ve heard over and over again. These beliefs continue to hold you back with symptoms of anxiety, feelings of inadequacy or low self esteem.

All of these beliefs can be changed to create the mindset for a healthy lifestyle through a process that is going to be different for everyone. It’s easier than you may think when you embrace your unique self and tune into the energy of who you are, mind, body and soul.