Mother Nature Comes for Us

Those of us who were around and old enough at the time will never forget the commercial for Chiffon Margarine proclaiming, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”

Designed to communicate the authentic buttery taste of the fake stuff while Mother Nature declares her wrath upon humanity for tricking her, I remember the commercial but nothing special about the margarine. What I do remember was the big deal my own mother made whenever we were served “real” butter. It was considered an indulgence both in terms of price and of health.

Another saying you’ve probably heard is this one. “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Come to find out, that one’s been translated into song more than once. Here’s one catchy example:

We have done a lot in recent years to upset Mother Earth. Like petulant children refusing to take responsibility and clean up our messes, we keep thinking she won\’t notice, and we\’ll somehow get away with it. But like every good parent, she has her ways of discovering what we are up to and pulling us back to our senses. Over the last couple of years, she\’s given us a big “Time Out!” to think about what we\’ve done and about how we can make it right. Now it\’s up to us to think about how we can restore ourselves in the good graces she is very eager to grant if we will only say we are sorry like we mean it.

Of course, the words of apology are never enough on their own. “Sorry” is only meaningful when spoken from the heart with real contrition and intentions to do better in the future. We must make amends. We must take responsibility for our actions and change our ways. When we do so, she is so very happy to take us back into her loving arms and let us try again. 

Hugging the Earth

And then there’s this one, “You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child.”  Different twists on these words have been attributed to everyone from Joe Paterno to Jane Fonda (and several folks I’ve never heard of.)  For me, I first heard them spoken by my friend, Mary. 

It’s true. Parents\’ hearts ache when their children are in pain. Parents and children can make each other miserable in myriad ways, not the least of which is by conveying our own misery. Mother Earth has been crying out to us for some time now and we do our share of shouting back. If we stop, watch, and listen for a bit as we are called to do, we will notice the ways that she has opened her loving and forgiving arms to comfort and cherish us if only we will do so in return. 

While the world remains in something of a forced slow down, there are small signs that Mother Nature is smiling again. Her animals are being spotted romping in playgrounds we’ve made unavailable to them for some time. She’s breathing easier in some places, too. While there’s no doubt she’s also weeping for the agony and loss among her children, she seems to be showing us what we can do to make it right. 

Mother Nature

My prayer today is just this.

May we remember our Mother as she aches for us. May we come home to rest in her open arms that are always there to welcome and forgive us. May we allow her to heal as she has allowed us to do again and again throughout all of history. May we remember the errors of our youth so as not to repeat them. 

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary Comes to Me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.” – Paul McCartney

I’m honored to be a part of this year’s SoulTreat presenters where I’ll be sharing, and soliciting from participants, daily regenerative practices for people and planet. Won’t you join me? Mother nature longs for us and we for her.

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