Moving Forward on Life’s Journey

Moving Forward on Life's Journey by Irene Sonja Fanane #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #LifesJourney

A new season on the yearly calendar will soon be beginning.

The human experience is a collection of blessings and challenges. Each personal season presents its blessings and groundbreaking lessons to help us overcome fear, perfect love and learn forgiveness of self and others.

Life’s purpose is to move on with our individual journeys while staying open to new experiences.  However, sometimes we tend to focus on painful past experiences; living life in their presence and creating our future in their shadow. We may re-live them a hundred times over in our minds; giving them even more power. The deception is our perception, because everything we experience in life is in itself neutral. It is perception that labels our experience as good or bad. By changing our perception, we’ll see that negative experiences are just as relevant as positive ones.

The soul’s evolutionary purpose is to overcome many obstacles on life’s journey and to ultimately become perfect in unconditional love.

We are drawn to the same experience over and over again, until we are willing to change their negative outcomes. The individuals, or the setting may change, but the fundamental reason is to learn the lesson and move forward. To overcome prolonged suffering in these negative situations, love is the only emotion that has healing properties. It may not be an easy solution for the most painful situations, but these circumstances are groundbreaking lessons to learn forgiveness.

We travel on this physical plane for a reason and only for a short season. We are multi-dimensional-spirit-beings living a temporary human experience. The human condition is not a sentence; on the contrary, it is a chosen-experience in the evolution of the soul. The soul voluntarily chooses the human experience for growth and development.

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh

Ecclesiastes 3

In Chinese Philosophy, there is the concept of yin-yang. Yin and yang are two opposing-forces govern the universe. The interaction between the two forces regulates the world. Yin represents the female; the moon, night, winter, left, weak, and dark. In contrast, yang stands for the male; the sun, day, summer, right, strong, and light. Yin and yang concept results in a cycle where one force dominates and is then replaced by the other so that no one force can dominate permanently. Every state contains seeds of its opposite state. For example, health has the seeds of sickness, and poverty has seeds of wealth.

A difficult experience can easily become hopeless, when we forget that, “this too shall pass.” Like the myth of the Phoenix, we shall rise from the ashes again and again. It is not surprising that many “survivors” end up serving a cause to help others.

When the lesson is learned, we can show the wounded souls the way to hope and healing.

I remember at one point on my journey having a dialogue with the inner Christ, and to my surprise, I was asked, “Irene, do you love me?” I quickly replied, “Of course, I love you, my Lord!” After a short pause, “But do you love yourself?” That was a difficult question for me at that time, when religion controlled my thinking. To honestly say, “I love my self” was narcissistic, even sacrilegious.

My miraculous healing was only possible when I consciously started healing with a “neutral” God. When taking blame, we wait for punishment; when blaming others, we foster victim-hood. Ultimately, we feel completely abandoned by God. Today, prayer and meditation always put me back on track and in touch with divine help. I am a living testimony that God is very concerned with our spiritual and personal happiness. Consequently, today I can say, “Yes, I love myself.”

This is not to say that it is always easy to move on after a painful or tragic experience. If you need to work on forgiveness, remember that forgiveness does not minimize or justify the wrong. You can forgive without excusing the act. However, in most cases, you might have to seek help and be willing to reach deep into the wounded-heart to find love and forgiveness again. Love is the only fundamental solution that has healing properties. Anything that is not love is FEAR. Any fear-based emotion like anger, suffering, revenge, or unforgiveness has no healing powers.

Ultimately, the human experience is filled with blessings and groundbreaking challenges, as well. These challenges require mental processing because it depends on how much emotional and physical pain was caused. The healing process can take many different forms to finally, “let go and let God.”

Please don’t forget that your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being depends on love’s healing properties to move forward on the amazing experience called life’s journey.

– Irene Sonja

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