I Found My Purpose Through these Three Mistakes

I Found My Purpose Through these Three Mistakes by Debi Silber #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Mistakes

How do we know we’re on track to discover our true passion and purpose? Some of us know from the time we’re very young. Maybe you were one of those people. Maybe you were great at persuading your parents to get that puppy or allow you stay up late, which led you to realize you could sell just about anything and you’d be great at sales. Maybe you were a natural at caregiving and the health field seemed like the perfect fit. Maybe you loved the spotlight and being in a field where you could be front and center was a perfect match.

While some of us knew our purpose from the beginning, some of us stumble across it after lots of time, effort, energy and expense that’s often spent in a completely different direction. Or, sometimes we find our purpose after healing mentally, physically or emotionally from something we now want to share with others so they can heal too.

Personally, I don’t believe in mistakes. I’ve come to realize that nothing teaches us faster or puts us on a track we’re meant to be on faster than when we learn from something that didn’t go the way we planned.

Here are the top three mistakes I’ve made that led me to discover my purpose, and I hope it gives you a few ideas so you can discover yours too:

  1. Losing my health.

I know that sounds odd but years ago, when I was teaching people about nutrition and fitness, I thought that’s all that we need to be healthy and happy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. By having a list of symptoms, illnesses, conditions and even disease, I learned the hard way that even with a healthy diet and exercise, areas like chronic stress, toxic relationships, emotional upheaval and relentless thoughts of scarcity and lack can take you down. Healing from it all by changing everything besides nutrition and fitness proved that true health means a healthy body, mind and lifestyle, which led to an entirely new business, books, products, services and brand.

  1. Swimming upstream.

Somewhere deep in my subconscious was the belief that nothing good comes easy. That’s why for years I worked myself to the point of illness and exhaustion, finding ways over, through and around every obstacle I came across. I never learned about “going with the flow”; that seemed like a copout. I hadn’t considered the idea that if I’m hitting roadblocks every step of the way, it’s not necessarily a sign of grit to keep going but possibly a sign that what I’m doing, or the way I’m doing it is off. Allowing, surrendering and letting go seemed like giving up in the past. Now I know it means I’m only giving up the resistance to an idea. By doing that, it means allowing for something so much better to emerge.

  1. Ignoring the “supernatural secrets” whispering in my ear.

You know when you get that feeling that you shouldn’t do something or say something? It’s usually because there’s a divine intelligence at work, giving you direction…if you’d only pay attention. I remember getting those nudges to seize an opportunity when it presented itself, only to hold back and regret it. Or getting that feeling that something may be a bad idea and doing it anyway…only to wish I hadn’t. When I finally realized that those gentle whispers were in my best interest, I started paying attention, listening, and they haven’t failed me since.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Welcome the mistakes, learn from them and allow them to steer you towards your next steps. Becoming empowered, healthy and happy doesn’t mean that everything goes our way. It means getting back up and bouncing back stronger, wiser and better than before.

– Debi