My Soul In Action

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“I marveled in appreciation as I watched and saw the effects of my soul in action.”

Our car keys vanished. We searched our pockets, retraced our steps (it had only been 10 minutes) and then called AAA. They opened the door, which made the emergency horn blast, which can only be turned off by a key or closing the door. Urrgghh! We assumed the key was inside the car, but as we riffled through each piece of accumulated stuff and did not find it, a small ripple of distress and fear began to grow. We were in a small mountain village attending a wine & art event. Our hotel was 45 minutes away. I was attending my high school reunion in a few hours.

Fear mounts

This was looking and feeling worse than dire. My splayed out mind was in disarray while my soul was quietly asking to be heard. I started asking my angels and the Universe for help then I contacted the newspaper and left my card in case the keys were brought in as lost and found. I let the wandering security personnel know about our lost keys. I went to the event booth where I also left my card, almost in tears. At this point, we needed to get some lunch and settle our fearful minds and stunned hearts for a moment as we considered our situation.

Do, BE, Do, BE

While my husband was gearing up in a logical action manner, calling to figure out how to have the car towed, where to get a rental and a new key made, I took the soul route. He was the doer and I was in a being state. I finally quieted down enough to drop inside the chaos to my soul center. After a moment of inner silence, I found my way to the space where I deeply prayed to The Universe, angels, guides and whoever else was tuning in. Please, please, please, we need our keys to show up and within an hour please! I was prayerfully pleading, asking, praying, and somewhat demanding quick angelic action (but not in a finger pointing querulous way). Then I switch it up and called a neighbor to FedEx our spare key to us at our hotel. I called a girlfriend who may need to pick us up. The scenarios were building to a crescendo when I received THE CALL! Have you lost your keys – YES! They were found, given to the security guy who said “I know who lost these keys” and he turned them into the event personnel. This was within the hour time frame.

Over the top Gratitude

As we took a long healing breath, we experienced visible relief, deep gratitude and very deep appreciation for all the unseen forces in the Universe who really love and want to help us here in our earth experience. I have found from this experience and others, that angelics need solid heartfelt directions – I gave them an hour since, after that time frame, other events would need to unfold. Our gratitude was immediate and ongoing. When I checked inward, I could see my angels clapping and cheering! They were so happy to be of assistance. They adored the attention, trust, belief, and love they felt from us. I marveled in appreciation as I watched and saw the effects of my soul in action. It was a powerful reminder that we do have connections on the other side; we do have help available; we do have all we need. We just need to ask, tune in and believe.

As we drove out of town, we passed our helpful security guy and said: “look, we are driving!” He laughed, pleased to be of help. The angels were laughing, and so were we, so were we!

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