My Spiritual Awakening


My Spiritual Awakening by Heather Corinne Lang #WUVIP #Awakening #Spiritual #Reiki

Awakening can occur in many different areas of your life. It can be an “Aha!” moment, like an electrical bolt, or it can gradually appear over time, deepening as you continue on your life journey. It can be in one area of your life, leading to many others, or they can seemingly appear simultaneously. In any case, it provides you the opportunity to challenge your beliefs and open up to the immense opportunities and possibilities of understanding life.

On the maternal side of my family, I learned about the Catholic faith and grew up in the Church, doing what was expected of me. I attended church and religion classes; made my first communion and confirmation; confessed my sins; and was married in the Church. Enter the paternal side of the family, which believed in God, but also spoke of astrology, past lives, karma, psychics & more. My paternal Grandmother even took me to my first psychic reading while I was in high school. I had also been (and still am) very interested in other cultures and beliefs while growing up and even one of my best friends in high school was from India.

My spiritual awakening started one day in church about a year after I was divorced. While reciting the Our Father, I had an “Aha!” moment. It suddenly occurred to me, “How can Jesus be THE ONLY son of God, if we are also told we are ALL children of God?” This was quite the conundrum for me, already in my mid-30s. With everything I had been fascinated with and how I grew up, why now? The answer lies in the 4 years prior to my divorce and the year following.

I attended therapy during my marriage. At one point the counselor said to me “Why are you still married?”  I told her I made an oath in church “until death do us part.” She then said, “do you realize he’s already broken his oath,” by abusing chemicals and lying? Wait? What? I could actually free myself of this situation of emotional and mental abuse?  What a revelation!  During these 5 years, I attended Al-Anon meetings, reading the materials offered and incorporating the principles into my life. I sought out and devoured more self-help books. I began attending yoga classes to handle the stress. Loving it, I explored yoga philosophies in more depth. I was unknowingly opening myself up. After the divorce, I kept going to church because it offered community and a sense of home, yet these other philosophies and beliefs continued to fascinate me. I wanted to know more and I found books by other spiritual leaders such as Buddha, the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh. I still wasn’t challenging my belief system, therefore, I hit the “Aha!” moment.

After the “Aha!” moment, I dove deeper into the understanding of other religions, as well as, metaphysical, mystical and alternative systems. I challenged myself and decided if each new belief rang true within my soul. My openness allowed even more opportunities to manifest to understand, digest and consider. At one point, some people told me I was, and likely always had been, more intuitive than I realized and after further reflection this made quite a lot of sense. I drifted away from church, finding my spirituality in any space, recognizing and accepting God was not only at church, He was everywhere, in everybody and everything. My understanding of spirituality expanded, broadening my beliefs, bringing me into a richer state of enlightenment.

Three years ago, when I became a Reiki Master, my own intuitive and psychic gifts strengthened. I began absorbing more information and awakened in more areas of my life. I am still very open and enjoy learning new ideas and beliefs, incorporating those that resonate with me to understand life. Yet I find my basic spiritual truth remains. I believe we are all connected by One Divine Source of Light and Love. This Source resides within each and every one of us. We are each one, and we are all The One.