Nature-Intelligence: 12 Steps to Talking with Trees

Nature-Intelligence: 12 Steps to Talking with Trees by Rosi Goldsmith #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Trees #Meditation #Nature #Intelligence

Science has increasingly recognized the stunning intelligence in Nature.

More than elephants and dolphins? Yes. Also, birds, trees, insects, microbes, and even your potted geranium on the porch. At the same time, we are alarmed by climate change. We see not just destructive weather patterns and deforestation, also political, social and economic upheaval. Increasingly, young people realize they are inheriting a contaminated environment; sea-life choking on plastics, health hazards from toxic waste, unbreathable air, and undrinkable water.

What do we do? How do we heal ourselves and our planet? Where can we find peace?

Create a Ripple

While most are aware of the ecological crisis, few are aware of this opportunity, we have the collective capacity to change the world for the better. Fortunately, we are learning. Science and spirituality each recognize how, when we change our consciousness with focused intention and pure motives, we can create positive change that reaches far.

In 2017, I was inspired by The Wellness Universe campaign for Peace Day, One Ripple. It’s not only WU; the effort to spread good seems to be growing.

The recent 18th International IONS Conference gave multiple examples from various cultures. Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. Director of Research at HeartMath®, demonstrated global interconnectivity when we act out of love, compassion, and kindness. Technology jumps on board to demonstrate how positive stories spread happiness in social networks. The power grows exponentially when we do it together.

As individuals, we may continue to destroy our planet and each other. Together, with love, we can heal. Nature’s intelligence may be a part of that.

Human Dominance replaced by Co-Creation

For a long time, we have held beliefs of separation from each other. We believed we were separate from or dominant over nature. This destructive attitude is changing. The Age of Aquarius isn’t just a pop song; it is our new paradigm.

Nature acts as a community in ways that might surprise us. Bees can plan and perform mathematical equations. Plants communicate through underground networks, warning of predators, sharing resources, feeding and nurturing their young. Dolphins and whales live in communities with distinct languages or dialects.

Nature has intelligence. When we cooperate with nature’s intelligence, we form a new co-creative relationship not only with the Earth, but also with the intelligence in our bodies and each other.

Starting with Trees

When I was first called to teach Deva Communion workshops in 2001, I was hesitant; “they’ll think I’m crazy!” Then I worked at an elder facility as the Organic Gardening Coordinator. I learned that elderly gardeners have been talking with plants their whole lives, and at 80 years old, they don’t mind if someone knows. So, they talk out loud.

You don’t need to wait that long. In fact, young people are now talking with trees without hesitation. There is even a children’s story series on it.

The ancestors of nearly everyone now alive held trees in reverence and gained not just material benefits, but also spiritual ones. In Native American and other cultures, trees are still the home of the gods, guardian spirits or angels. They help people resolve conflicts, find justice and access deep wisdom. In the Bible, they are the source of voices, visions, dreams, and healing.

Talking with trees may seem strange to those who have lost ties to their ancestral heritage or who have not yet made the paradigm shift to a more inclusive awareness. Talking with trees, if done respectfully and with positive intent, can help you make that shift. It is a gateway to communicating with another intelligence of nature.

Talking with Trees

Here are some steps I have found useful:

  1. Start with a tree you love or are drawn to or one that gives you shade, fruit, or fragrance. Or one that beckons from a beloved park or undisturbed forest. Find one with stately majesty or gnarled roots. One that calls to you when you listen to your heart.
  2. Bring a pen and notebook, recorder, art paper, or another creative instrument so you can record the inspiration or insight.
  3. The aura of a tree extends several feet out from its trunk. Approach with sensitivity, and see what you notice when you first connect.
  4. Have an attitude of gratitude, love, admiration, respect, appreciation, joy, humility, or curiosity. Choose what resonates with you; we are each different and so are trees. Some of them may even be playful.
  5. Approach the tree until you make physical contact. Hug the tree if you wish, letting your cheek touch. Sit on its roots or branches, if they are available. Or sit against its base, your back against its bark. Whatever invites you; follow that.
  6. Notice any emotions that arise. Can you let fear or grief or anger flow into the tree, down into its roots? Can you let gratitude or joy reach up with its branches into the sky?
  7. Ask the tree questions or advice; wait for an answer.
  8. Notice any sensations in your body that might indicate a response. Watch. Keep all senses open. Do you see leaves waving? Do you hear birds or inner messages?
  • Does a song come to you or a picture?
  • Does a painful memory soften?
  • Do you notice calm or peace?
  • Be gentle with yourself and patient. Note how communication can arise from silence.
  1. Record any thoughts, visions, messages, musings or inspirations on the instruments you have brought.
  2. When you are ready to leave, thank the tree with your whole heart.
  3. Return soon.
  4. As you practice, notice how you easily shed the sense of separation, while you grow in peace. You may gain respect for nature’s intelligence, wisdom and depth. After all, the root-network of trees draw deep!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with nature-intelligence! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, or connect with me on my website.

– Rosi

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