Nature’s Ultimate Guide to Finding Balance

Nature's Ultimate Guide to Finding Balance by Nicole Levac #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FindingBalance #UltimateGuide

Nature is my ultimate guide to finding balance.

It’s my roadmap to Being. It connects me to that inner knowing, that place where I connect to my SELF, my Soul.

I have found four main certainties that live in nature that has helped her to maintain balance, growth, and transformation. These have guided me to find my own inner balance.

The Unseen:

Nature’s capacity to blossom and flourish comes from her hidden roots. The roots are held and nourished underneath the earth. The balance that is reflected externally through her growth can only be achieved by nature’s capacity to sustain and nourish her hidden parts.

We often have parts of ourselves that are hidden underneath the surface. We don’t necessarily share them with the world.

Nature reminds us that what is hidden and nourished can yield amazing growth. Trust that there is nothing wrong with you, all you require is nurturing and time.


By observing nature, we notice that her rhythm is influenced by many variables like the weather or the seasons, to name a few. Mother Nature’s rhythm is that pattern that is regularly repeated to achieve change, growth, and face whatever takes place in her journey.

Nature always respects her rhythm of growth. Never rushing or overreaching. She has a rhythm in her seasons, in her sun and moon cycles, as well as in her growth cycle.

Like nature, we each have our way of growing and transforming. Recognizing our own personal rhythm can allow us to be kinder to ourselves helping us maintain balance while going through what shows up in our lives.

Adaptable Hope:

If there is anything to learn from nature, it’s how she adapts, changes, and adjusts to whatever comes her way.

Although she nourishes her roots, respects her rhythm, nothing is guaranteed. Yet, she remains present. Steadfast in her growth, committed to the moment regardless of the adversity that shows up. Who hasn’t seen a flower pierce through a concrete surface?

Learning to adapt today, for any future that comes its way means that nature is extremely ingenious in her ways, even when the future is unfolding into the unknown.

If there is anything that I have learned from life and nature, it’s that the best laid out plans and structures need to be adaptable to whatever shows up during the process. This can apply to so many things in our lives.

Letting go:

So, like nature, we can find balance by staying focused on today while trusting in our capacity to face the unknown through our resiliency and versatility.

Finding balance is never an acquired skill. The slightest unknown or uncertainty could launch us in a frenzy to regain our footing within our life.

Learning to let go of what is no longer part of the growth. A broken branch after a storm, or ice damage to the forest, difficult situations that nature faces every day. Letting go of what was so that nature can keep growing and evolving into her next stage is all part of her ability to stay balanced.

Nature’s capacity to live in the moment while facing the future serves as great inspiration for finding balance within ourselves so that we can be present through whatever shows up in our lives.

This will support us towards reaching for our dreams. Allowing us to take the next step rather than get stuck in the downward spiral of self-doubt, shame or even paralysis that can take place when life is happening for us.

Finding balance will support us to be centered, present, and to trust ourselves in our life. Making us more resilient, granting us the potential to recognize our value.

Exactly like Nature.

– Nicole

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