Why You Need to Become the Leader Part 1

Why You Need to Become the Leader Part 1 by Hilde Larsen #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Leader

Why You Need to Become the Leader Part 1 by Hilde Larsen #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Leader

Why You Need to Become the Leader Part 1: Listen to All, Learn from A Few, and Follow No One.

This is part one of a two-part series about why YOU need to become the leader. And I don’t mean a leader at work. I am talking about something far more important to your health and life in general.

I had an awakening when I realized that my life was happening right NOW. When I realized that everything I was doing, not doing, and thinking about doing, all came from this very moment. It changed everything.

I realized that the part of my life that I am living right NOW is not a waiting room, not a place where I have to wait and see what will happen. Not a place where I wait for anything. Not someone’s decision, not someone’s help, or a sign that it is ok to move forward.

I realized I was FREE. I was free to step up and be my own leader.

I was ready; I was able, competent and perfect for the job. I took full responsibility and became the sole authority for my life, health, career, relationships and spiritual growth.

Our lives are colored by the notion that later is when things change or complete, resolve or unfold. From very early in childhood, we have been taught to hold on until we get older, always looking forward to the next step, the next school, to be able to ride a bike, drive a car, get married, drink alcohol, and get a real job. Then we want a perfect partner, children, and a career. Always waiting for the green light. The list is endless like pearls on a string, always keeping our focus ahead.

We are taught to hold our tongue, to wait our turn, and to stand in line.

Society is built on everyone following leaders and authorities; doing less thinking and more following. Not every family is the same, but in general, it is safe to say that children are told to listen to the grown-ups, no matter what they are capable of teaching or setting an example as, and we take that program with us. We keep waiting for someone else to tell us what to do, what to believe, when, how, and how many times.

Think about it. How often do you look to others for validation or a second opinion? How often do you call a friend to discuss any decisions you have to make and need the agreement from at least that one person? It is what we were told and taught to do, and it is keeping us from being the freedom of expression that we are.

I am not talking about not being a team player, inclusive, and friendly. I am talking about when YOU are looking for authority outside yourself regarding YOUR life decisions. What is keeping us from listening to our inner guidance?

That is when it is time to evaluate your self-appointed position. We are so used to looking outwards, searching for a leader, a Guru, we have lost the ability to listen to where the real answer is, inside of us. You are the one living your life, the glory and the pain, every single part of it. We need to realize that there is no one to blame, to turn to, or to hide behind when life seems to be stuck or imbalanced. This is your own play, start, middle and finish, even though you are not fully aware that you are directing the show.

We will dig into the how`s and the dirty hidden truth, but first of all, this is the ultimate key, the single most important inspirational fact. You are the storyteller and the writer of your play.

Let me give you the first two of my top-four reasons why the leader needs to be YOU:

  1. YOU are perfect for the job!

The leading role was yours from the very beginning, even though most of us like to look at it differently. Giving away our power is easy, and at times very comfortable. That way we can point at other`s shit, and call it. Look at your life as a stage, and the plot as your life story.

All the drama, the action and the hurts, the joy, the happy times, and the successes, all part of your amazing life story. All cast, directed and played so well, literally living out your dream.

  1. Everyone else is taken.

You are the one on call 24/7, with sole authority. The responsibility connected with this role is magnificent, and we don`t even know it is ours. You might think that one of your parents holds the lead role in your life, or your spouse, or even your children. Anyone but you and that is “normal.” Welcome to the club.

You see, everyone else has their own life to live, to direct. As sole authority over YOUR life, you are the only one worth following. Why? No one else is going in the same direction.

Make sure you read part 2 of this series next week, where I will introduce you to not only the last two reasons to step up, but also share with you a part of my personal journey.

– Hilde

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