Never Let Fear Decide Your Fate

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The universe is constantly giving us signs – synchronicities, inner nudges, a knowing that we should do something or should avoid something. I keep an eye out for these signs and welcome them when they appear, but I never know what form they’ll take or what the messages will be. And sometimes I’m more aware of them than others.

Last month I was in a parking lot and looked over at the car next to me. I saw a sticker in the window that read: “Never let your fear decide your fate.”

Hmmmm. It was an interesting reminder to not give extra power to my fears. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of it, and then not too long later I forgot all about it. Then last week I was driving on the highway and a car in front of me had the same sticker. Never let your fear decide your fate. Apparently I hadn’t gotten the message the first time. The universe is amazing that way, giving us extra reminders (and in some cases, much stronger ones) until we “get it.” This time, though, I paid more attention.

So, what’s the message in this for me? Well, I’m at a place where I could easily let fear change the course of my life. It could deter me from the path I’m on, stop me from stepping up and helping people on a wider scale, and keep me “small.” That would be the easy route. But I’m choosing to not let that happen. Awareness is key, and it gives me the power to shift out of fear and into a better place. So… what do you do when your thoughts run wild with fear or self-criticism? Do you let it decide your fate? HECK NO! You choose new thoughts! A friend recently shared some powerful wisdom found in a kids’ classroom, and it beautifully applies to adults as well:

What are you thinking? Instead of … Try Thinking …

  • I’m not good at thisWhat am I missing?
  • I give upI’ll use some of the strategies we’ve learned.
  • This is too hardThis may take some time and effort.
  • I just can’t do the mathI’m going to train my brain.
  • I made a mistake Mistakes help me learn.
  • She’s so smart, I will never be that smartI’m going to figure out show she does it so I can try it.
  • It’s good enoughIs this really my best work?
  • Plan A didn’t workGood thing the alphabet has 25 more letters.

When we’re afraid, it’s often a sign that our ego is trying to keep us safe and protect us from the unknown. And though fear is a helpful warning sign when we’re in danger, it’s not helpful if it stalls our growth. In order to grow, we need to step out of our comfort zone so we can stretch beyond what we know we’re capable of.

And that’s scary. And yet, kind of exciting, when you think about the possibilities. So if you’re feeling scared and want to curl up in a ball rather than step up to opportunities that are ahead of you, tell your ego it’s time to take a back seat. Reassure it that you’re safe and then relieve it – at least temporarily – of its duties. And then strap yourself into the driver’s seat and get ready for an exhilarating ride!


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