New Beginnings on Power Day 11:11

new beginning on power day 1111 by heather corinne lang-wuvip-thewellnessuniverse newbeginnings

2016 was a very challenging for many of us. In a 9 year, which signifies endings, we have seen a lot of endings, major shifts, and significant change. Endings and change are always meant to help us learn and grow through healing.

When we flow with the waves of change, life becomes much easier, balanced and peaceful, amidst the seemingly hectic energy around us. If we resist, it creates tension, stress, and heartache. Accepting life changes, allows us to be more open to working with the flow of life. Acceptance does not necessarily mean we agree, however, by accepting the change, we can work with it to help ourselves and those around us. Acceptance allows us to work with our divine guidance, following it with belief and trust in healing and awakening. The direction we go may teeter one way and then another, redirect us or completely change course. Yet, following the changes brings us exactly what we need at the moment we need it, whether it is lessons, opportunities, or other experiences. This allows us to prepare for the new to enter.

2017 is a NEW, New Year! Just as 2016 was about endings, 2017 is about new beginnings!

2017 is a “1” year. 2017 begins a new 9-year cycle. The number one signifies new beginnings, opportunities, situations, and experiences. We will have more change, yet when flowing with the waves of change, it can be the beginning of more wonderful, positive waves of change.

The end of 2016 also provided us with another Mercury Retrograde, which is a time to review, reflect, renew, refresh, revive, revitalize, etc. This is a time to really look at what no longer serves us, what we do want in our lives and to re-think about how to manifest it in our lives. Once Mercury goes direct, we can begin to look for, work with and be open to all new experiences coming our way. Mercury goes direct on January 8, 2017. It takes a few days for the energy to move forward again, so I find it very significant that a few days after Mercury retrograde is January 11, 2017!

January 11, 2017, is a power day of new beginnings!

January is the first day of the year, therefore a “1” month. The 11th is double ones and is a master number. “11” stands for intuition and faith, and when used in manifesting your dreams is incredibly intuitive. It symbolizes connecting dark & light, male & female, and human & spirit, ultimately pushing us into our highest spiritual perspective. With 2017 being a “1” year, this power day provides us the 11:11, as well. 11:11 is the gateway to the Divine, bringing in fresh energy, insight, intuition, light, and love, while being a double “11”! It is an energetic number, allowing us to connect even more significantly and powerfully with our higher, Divine selves and Spirit. It makes it possible to tap into the Divine guidance within us, to follow our own inner compass to manifest our dreams through living our true soul purpose. What could be better to start off the year of new beginnings, but a power day right after we finish reviewing the past 9 years?

Capricorn rules this time of the year. Capricorns are basically extremely loyal, stable, grounded, loving and practical. This energy can be used to be loyal to your dreams, and grounding them in this reality. It’s about creating a stable roadmap to follow, helping you lead yourself through your Divine guidance into a life you love. With this spiritual energy and the groundedness of Capricorn, it is helping us work towards manifesting our dreams, wishes, and prayers into our current reality. Spirit is bringing us new opportunities, experiences, relationships and situations in alignment with our soul purpose and our purposeful human desires. The energy of January 11, 2017, is very deep, profound and influential energy, providing a superb day for setting your intentions, initiate new plans, and more. Take the time to do meditations, set intentions, connect to Spirit & Nature, and listen to your intuition to create the best path for you. Then, create your lists and steps needed for all you wish to manifest. Don’t worry if it all doesn’t come to you on this day… initiating it today will help it manifest as the year progresses to help continue to awaken your most brilliant life.