There Are No Seasons In Public Speaking

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If you are anything like me, you are tired of hearing potential clients say, “after the holidays,” or “after the New Year.” 

In my head, I am always intrigued by that. I wonder, “Do people just stop working between Halloween and the 2nd of January? Or during the Summer after the 4th Of July?”  Then another thought comes to mind: “Do people not make money and/or pay their bills during those seasons?”

I bet you anything that those are just excuses.

Well, when it comes to public speaking, there are no seasons. 

One of my clients, Joe, who had hired me at the end of April, was so excited about the process and what he learned and that he did the program within six weeks. The program is 12 sessions, not 12 weeks, so I encourage my clients to go as fast or as slow as they like.

At the beginning of June, he called to let me know that he is going on vacation with his family for a week and will resume when he gets back. Once he was back, he called to let me know that he will begin contacting event planners after the summer because most people are on vacation and he would probably have no luck with booking gigs. I said very firmly, “Joe, there are no seasons in public speaking and since my contract guarantees you will make $150k-$200k your first year as a public speaker, you can\’t take the summer off.” He responded, “so I better get to work then?” I said “Yes!”

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Towards the end of July, I got a call from Joe. “Orly, I am so excited you will never believe what happened! I emailed and called over 729 places so far and received 298 responses. I already have three bookings for the end of August and a couple for September, and now I am getting 10-15 Responses a day!” I simply said, “and you wanted to take the summer off?” He replied “I know right? Boy, I was wrong, and I get it now, back to work I go.”

For you, the reader, let me ask you this: If you had a store would you close it during the holidays or for the summer because most people are out of town? I bet you that the answer to that question is “NO!” So why would the business of public speaking be any different?

As I said before, there are two reasons why public speakers are broke or making less than $100K a year, and they are:

  1. They don\’t know how this business works and we can\’t blame them for that. They don\’t know what they don\’t know.
  2. They are lazy and just don\’t want to do the work. That\’s it.

My suggestion is learning this business like any other business, and then give it your 100% for a full year; That is 365 days, and then you will really be able to take off whenever you want.

The takeaway?

Remember, there are no seasons in public speaking!

– Orly