Nourish Every Aspect of Your Life to Achieve Balance and Fulfillment

Are you living your best life? What are you doing to promote balance and harmony in your daily experiences? 

Over the last decade, I’ve transformed myself numerous times and helped others make positive changes as well. Just as a balanced meal requires healthy fats, carbs and protein, a harmonious life requires a daily diet of specific elements. What I have learned is that in order to increase the chances of living a long, fulfilling life, you must practice seven key lifestyle elements plus one fundamental factor that will tie them all together.

First: Nourish your body with fresh, wholesome, vitamin-rich meals

Make a conscious decision to avoid highly processed foods laden with fat, salt, sugar, and preservatives, and train your palate to favor healthier fare. Nutritious food will supply you with the energy required to scheme your dream.

Second: Establish a regular fitness regimen 

Your body was meant to move; and devising a plan to move more will help keep it working efficiently so you will have the stamina to pursue your life’s work.

Third: Rest, breathe and get your Zzz’s

Recharge! Play! Schedule me-time! Establish a consistent bedtime routine. You can’t work your purpose feeling foggy and worn out.

Pretty basic, right?

Most people are aware that the above three elements are preventative measures for day-to-day-functioning. We’re just not going to have the energy to be our best without good grub, exercise, and rest.

But is that enough? Will this minimal menu bring you happiness? Let’s expand your options. Sometimes overlooked, the next four lifestyle elements are also essential in leading a balanced life. 

Fourth: Create and maintain a fresh and inspiring home environment

We’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately, and we want to make sure our surroundings are conducive to inner peace and creativity. 

Fifth: Nurture healthy and joyful relationships

Staying in touch with loved ones and building professional connections is vital to our personal growth. We never get where we’re going without the support of others.

Sixth: Engage in community service

Spread generosity and kindness. There’s no greater joy than making a valuable contribution in someone else’s life.

Seventh: Pursue your interests and dreams 

Without a purpose, we merely exist. A clearly-defined intention is what keeps us relevant and passionate about life.

Because the seven elements are intimately connected, you may feel out of sorts when one or more ingredients are missing from your wellness platter. For instance, if you want to improve your overall health, you’ll need to do more than eat nutritious foods. The seven lifestyle elements must be aligned and practiced in order to reap the benefits of optimal health. 

The spiritual connection

However, alignment doesn’t occur automatically. You need something that unifies your life.

Health and wellness are a coordinated celebration of body, mind, and spirit. None of the seven lifestyle elements are sustainable without a lifeline, the spiritual connection. In order to experience whole health and to fulfill the desires of the heart, an internal system of fundamental, universal truths must be pulsing through your everyday experiences. Think of your lifeline as the substance or thread that holds everything together, the supportive foundation upon which your life rests. It’s the heart and soul of living. 

The spiritual component is about expressing love and compassion for yourself and others. Monitoring your thoughts and words. Accepting responsibility and honoring your commitment to the choices you make in life. Trusting and believing in a higher power that connects you to your higher self and the world. Standing in courage and affirming your vision. Being your best and expecting the best. Getting excited again and again about your future. Your lifeline reinforces feelings of success and prosperity. Spirituality is the main course, it’s your superpower!

Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit — the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.

~ Greg Anderson

Sometimes, when people establish intentions to improve certain aspects of their lives, they often approach the goals in isolation. Many are looking for immediate results without a conscientious plan. Let’s say you want to build more muscle mass and decide to begin working out at the gym. But after a few weeks, you find yourself making excuses about honoring your commitment. What happened? Why don’t your efforts have long-term effects? And why do some resort to self-sabotaging behavior?  

The missing link

Perhaps these individuals are missing the necessary internal mechanisms to sustain their success. Your physical world reflects your consciousness. Based on my observations and consultations with women seeking better health, the missing link to everlasting success appears to be spirituality. Changing your inner programming will help to manifest your good. Thus, the body-mind-spirit triad has become the main ingredient in my recipe for wellness and the critical component to living a long, satisfying life.

I think I used to sort of segregate things. Work was this and life was this and exercise was this. And I feel as I get older, or I become more relaxed, I feel like wellness is my whole being.

~ Jane Krakowski

Whole health is not achieved solely by eating nutritious foods, exercising, and getting proper rest. While these are critical contributors to enjoying a longer life, creating an inspiring personal space, nurturing loving relationships, and aligning your service and purpose will further support longevity. But cultivating the spiritual piece will help you thrive and set you on a richer, more luminous and sustainable path to optimal health.

Can you imagine what your world would be like if you were fully expressing in all areas of your life? When the seven lifestyle elements are in sync and when you connect with your higher power, you will be a fierce force of nature!

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