Nourishing and Nurturing Part 4

Nourishing and Nurturing Part 4 by Danielle Duperret #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NurturingPart4

Nourishing and Nurturing Part 4 by Danielle Duperret #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NurturingPart4

Nourishing and Nurturing Part 4: Truths and Myths about Health. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 3!


I’ve been in the health field since the age of 15, when I was diagnosed with skin cancer, requiring surgery every six months. During that time, I was enrolled in a psychology program, with an Institute in Paris, which also offered training in nutrition. It was suggested that I start studying the subject.

My first encounter with “diet” was when I came face to face with a poster on a telephone pole. “Cure cancer with raw food.” It sounded interesting, so I attended the lecture. In a room beside the lecture hall, was a magnificent table filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and crabs, which were asleep. After the conference, we were encouraged to partake of the abundance. By that time, the crabs had started to walk around. “Just grab one, yank a pincher and eat!” That was a little much for me.

Another poster: “Cure cancer with macrobiotics!” Again, I attended the lecture and took cooking classes: you cook everything, even lettuce and fruits, and drink very little. After a year, I became disenchanted as the results were not consistent with the philosophy.

I implemented my own food therapy and bought my first juicer at age 18. I learned to detox and stopped going to the surgeon. It does not mean it would work for everybody. We are all different. I needed to detox from all the vaccines and antibiotics I received during my childhood. Cancer, for me, did not have a significant emotional component. I had plenty of goals to live for and felt fulfilled.

Raw, Vegan, Cooked Food, and Spices

In my thirties, I faced another illness which kept me bed-ridden for months. I turned to a vegan, raw food diet. Later, as I was fighting for the safety of my children during a divorce, my stress level hit an all-time high. A colleague naturopath told me that if I continued eating raw food, I would die.

What a shock! Wasn’t raw food the ultimate healthy diet, full of living enzymes? A raw food diet also weakens the kidney meridian (which had gotten very weak as I feared for my children’s lives). I started to cook my food, adding hot spices. I felt better.

Meat is Back

During a professional workshop, the naturopath who was teaching told me that I would not be entirely healthy unless I started to eat some meat (because of my blood and metabolic type). Meat? I had not eaten meat for years. I made an effort, but it did not appeal to me, until one day, when eating at a restaurant with a friend. He had ordered a “bloody steak,” which I used to enjoy in my youth. “Can I have a bite?”

Have you seen the cartoon where Popeye gets energized when eating a can of spinach? That bite had the same effect on me. It seems my system got “reprogrammed.” From that day, I ate a “bloody steak” a week, then added chicken and fish.

“I am Healthy”

At the moment, my food is plant-based, with lots of healthy fats and a little meat.

I don’t ascribe to the identities: “I am a vegetarian,” “I am a raw foodist,” “I am a vegan,” “I am a meat eater.” My motto: “I am healthy!” Our needs change according to the seasons of our lives. Healthy foods, high in nutrients and low in calories, seem to be the best for all. Adapt to your own needs.


You need seven to eight hours of sleep to be healthy! I am the mother of seven children. Where can a mother of seven children under 12 find these seven to eight hours of sleep?

Interesting story: A soldier was shot during the war in the part of the brain, which deals with sleep. He could no longer sleep. The doctors told him he would die soon, as nobody can live without sleeping. Some 20 years later, he was still doing well. So much for needing seven to eight hours of sleep!

It’s not a bad idea though to sleep between six to eight hours. Find out what is optimal for you. Some US presidents slept four hours, others 10. They got the same amount of work done.


Drink eight glasses of water a day! A good start, but let’s be more conscious. If it’s a hot summer day (I live in Las Vegas), more water is required. When you exercise physically or mentally, more water is needed. How much should you drink? Until your urine is a pale-yellow color.

Live Consciously

Supplements? Medical check-ups? Mammograms? Hormones? Vaccines? Truths and myths abound in the health field. Don’t forget to check them out. Ask: Who benefits? Who did the study?

– Danielle

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